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I am a very gentle guy and I am big on respect. I don't really talk that much but I don't allow people to take advantage of me. I am very up front and open. If I have a problem with you I will tell you directly.

Anime and Manga:

I first heard about anime sometime around 1997 when Toonami first premired with Dragon Ball Z, Rouroni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho and something else which I can't remember in America. I watched those pretty regularly and then saw that Adult swim had Big O and Inuyasha but never got into a full swing until much later. As for Manga, the fact that I don't really read is not completely to blame in this case. In fact there are some manga I want to read, especially ones where the Anime stopped at a point where you know there has to be more but the Anime just ends. 3x3 Eyes is a great example of that.

I use the markers here like Sothis intended them to be used. I don't think you will ever see an Anime marked as "Dropped" or "Won't Watch" Once I start an Anime I have to finish it no matter what and I don't think there is an Anime out there that I will not watch.

T.V. and Movies:

Honestly, I don't like 95 percent of the stuff that's on T.V. or in movies these days. Reality T.V. sucks and there's so damn much of it on now. I won't turn the T.V. on and browse the channels very often at all but when I do I prefer watching things like nature, history or science programs. If I see something on that's... I guess you can say law with a twist? Like Monk, or Castle on I will sometimes watch. I like forensic stuff and some comedy too. As for movies I mainly like Action and Comedy. Much of my "T.V." watching is Anime which I watch online for free.


I used to like the idea of working at some radio station, preferably a Rock station because that is the main genre that I like. I also used to collect sports cards. Mostly Baseball cards. One of my favorite hobbies was too edit Anime fights. A lot of times in an Anime they never just stick to the fight. They cut out to another character or situation in the Anime and then come back to the fight. That annoys me so I edit the fight so it is all together and sometimes I add something that happened in the past that has some relation to the fight. I haven't been doing anything with any of my hobbies lately mainly because of stress. Hopefully I will get back into some of the stuff when this stress subsides a bit.

Well... that's me. If anyone wants to contact me away from Anime Planet I use MSN. If you want it I'll PM it to you. When you add me just leave some sort of comment in the invite to let me know you are from Anime-Planet. I don't usually add complete stangers =P

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Trailbreaker Sep 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Today Tactician!!

AgentGhost Mar 8, 2011

What's Up!! Sorry It took too long to get back to you. 3 weeks. Anyway I'm here now and yeah I've been streaming and downloading anime on my new computer as well!! I'm never gonna stop man!! I haven't been usuing aim lately, kinda busy at work. But now that you mention it, I probaby should. So as of this message you should see me on aim or any other messaging client out there!! not really...aim and FB. that's it. Anyway Ja Nee!!

Trailbreaker Nov 26, 2010

Hey Tact!


How are you?


i have been busy with other stuffs lately like fixing some christmas curtain, lights.

Busy with work, playing video games, computer games you know like usual stuffs. ^^U

How is your job doing? I hope everything is fine there. :)

Oh! we have alot of snow here its kinda yay! and boo!! at the same time.

I havent watch much Anime except Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D, naruto and fairy tail....oh! and done watched History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi! about month ago ( That anime rocks in my opinion). :D

Do you have snow in your country now?


I noticed that you are almost 3500 episodes watched not long way to 4000, Keep it up! :D


Have fun!




PS: im not sure if it was month ago about i watched kenichi anime version, But it rocks so im reading manga version too ^^.

Trailbreaker Sep 24, 2010

Happy Birthday!! :D

Kari5 Jan 1, 2010

There's 9 episodes subbed :p 

No one else would have them. It just doesn't have subs yet :( It wasn't a popular series so it wasn't picked up by good subbers. I'm lucky a slow group even picked it up. No doubt more episodes will slowly show up.