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hmmm,.. my bio,...

age: 22


and currently living in Tucson, Arizona.

I was born on January 28 1988 in Bamberg Germany, (my dad was a soldier, so yes i am a U.S. citizen)

i grew up in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Its a small 'city' around 24,000 people, so there wasnt much to do, and no i wasnt a farmer, or lived on a farm! thats a stereotype!!! ever since sam goody went belly up, Anime and manga where hard to get there, you had to specially order dvds and books, which i did, but my collection isnt really as big as other peoples, even though i have over 87 disks.

I graduated from Central High School in may 2007 and moved to Tucson in hopes of making a good living.

i am currently a Security Officer. (I am testing for a police officer position with the Tucson Police Department)

my hobbies are, Building plastic models, making AMV's and fan fictions, drawing,

and listening to music.

music: i enjoy, Metal, hard rock, electro rock, industrial rock, alternative rock, and some pop here and there.

my top bands are, linkin park, radiohead, slipknot, korn, coldplay, silverchair, puddle of mudd, snowpatrol, adema, and mudvayne.

well that should rap it up!

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Seijuro Jun 1, 2008

Hello and thx for the warm welcome :)

chinchila May 30, 2008

Y0 :)

well not nowadays .. used to have but due to lack of time have none. But will change in near future i think ...

and i agree that it is most sweet pet ever discovered :)

p.s.: thx for welcoming .)

kenshina May 30, 2008

>_< Kawaii!  The avatar is funny and cute!

=q Is it edited or direrctly from the original?  I only watch one episode and read one manga, so I don't know much about it.  I didn'y get all the principe, but it didn't look bad.

 See u.

muppofmalice May 30, 2008

Hooray! I hope too :P

So far it's an awesome site for finding new tasty anime ^^

alexander May 29, 2008

Yep, nice avatar. I remember an AMV using Oosaka with Hypno Toad eyes (Futurama) as a transition XD

I didn't enjoy Lucky Star as much, but if that and AzuDai  are in your Top 5 you need to watch Paniponi Dash!