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hmmm,.. my bio,...

age: 22


and currently living in Tucson, Arizona.

I was born on January 28 1988 in Bamberg Germany, (my dad was a soldier, so yes i am a U.S. citizen)

i grew up in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Its a small 'city' around 24,000 people, so there wasnt much to do, and no i wasnt a farmer, or lived on a farm! thats a stereotype!!! ever since sam goody went belly up, Anime and manga where hard to get there, you had to specially order dvds and books, which i did, but my collection isnt really as big as other peoples, even though i have over 87 disks.

I graduated from Central High School in may 2007 and moved to Tucson in hopes of making a good living.

i am currently a Security Officer. (I am testing for a police officer position with the Tucson Police Department)

my hobbies are, Building plastic models, making AMV's and fan fictions, drawing,

and listening to music.

music: i enjoy, Metal, hard rock, electro rock, industrial rock, alternative rock, and some pop here and there.

my top bands are, linkin park, radiohead, slipknot, korn, coldplay, silverchair, puddle of mudd, snowpatrol, adema, and mudvayne.

well that should rap it up!

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jrwr Feb 14, 2008

Right back at you, See you around the fourms

Holo Feb 10, 2008

Hi Tachikoma, of course I'm a fan of Tachikoma! I want to get a model of one, but they are kinda expensive for the good ones. I always used to try Tachikoma for account names in online games, but it was always taken, so I've stuck with Tachikomo for a couple years.

 I'm glad I finally found a good place for anime reccomendations and chatting.

See ya!

VectorAdw Feb 9, 2008

Arigatou for the nice welcoming.. ^^

I'm sure I'll enjoy A-P!

Sayo! ^^ 

OverLord01 Feb 7, 2008

Whats up man! Thought I would drop by to say hi.

Things are looking up for the Sothis club page! Perhaps in time we can get more members.

Hope you are doing well on your job and your modeling too.


TheGiftedMonkey Feb 6, 2008


You live so close to Dynomite and I we could so TP your house! XD