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Unbalance x 2

Jan 10, 2011

So this is not a fulll Review or anything but id thought that id state that the manga is not finished yet. so hopfully we could git that fixed some how.


So Unblance X Unblance is a Korin Manawa witch is read for Left-Right. This Manawa starts out as jin-ho Myung finds a wallet and Cellphone in a book store and shows him returnting it to the owner Hae-Young Nah but not before he promtily took 7000 Won (6.79$) to buy a book. She instintaly finds out and states that he well pay the debt off.

On the first day of his Senior Year not thinking to much of the debt he treats it like any other day but soon finds out his home room teacher is Hae-Young Nah. They have maney trails ahead of love,pain,drama and much much more.

Over all i personly fell this is a great story interisting and always has you on your toes  to see what well happen next.



So i havent read many manga or Manawa in my life but looking at the art of this it felt prety nice seeing new invirments always seeing thair face expresions it would always through somthing new onto the table.


Now besides for the names that i had a problem nowing who was who becouse i was new to manawa the Characters all seem to be pretty good not to Cliché  with some charecturs that would always look diffrent.



I fell this is a great manawa worth alot of peoples time that are looking for a good Romance or comedy for that mattier so ima giving this a 8/10 it could be beater but this is a fair judgment on a manawa i really like

8/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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