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Just gonna put a few things about me here..

Some things I do in my spare time:

Watch anime, draw, play piano, graphic designing, coding, listen to music, audio editing, video editing, paint, and play lots of video games.

I've always been fascinated by computers and games for that matter, starting at a very young age. Started PC gaming at the age of 4, playing on my dads computer back then, we even played some games together.

Some may say that I have too much money, I buy lots of stuff I don't actually need, yet I want it, so ofcourse I go ahead and buy it. I work with multimedia stuff, meaning Video editing, modeling, animating, coding, audio editing and what not, love my job, and have quite a decent salary as well.

If anyone would happen to be interested, I've decided to make a little list of stuff I have. Let's start off with the computer parts, shall we?

MSI GeForce GTX 680 2GB, (upgrading soon)
NZXT Phantom Big Tower,
Corsair HX 1050W PSU,
Intel® SSD 520 Series 120GB,
Core i7-3770 CPU,
Kingston DDR3 HyperX Beast 16GB 2400MHz,
MSI Z77 MPower 1155,
Corsair H100i Watercooling, (upgrading soon)
1TB 7200RPM HDD + 2TB 7200RPM HDD

Now for a few of my peripherals:

2x 24" 1080p monitors @60Hz (planning to get a third monitor very soon)
QPad MK-80 Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Blue
Roccat Kova+ mouse
Astro A40 Headset (7.1 surround with a MixAmp)
Blue Yeti microphone
Steelseries mousepad

Some random stuff about me that I just have a sudden urge to write here and share with the entire world to see, except, not that many people will see this:

I absolutely love cookies, 
about 80% of my time goes towards sleeping,
I sleep too much, 
I can sleep just about anywhere, on the floor, on the street, in a tree, in a box,
I don't eat enough, 
I'm socially awkward,
I'm too lazy for my own good, 
I have too many complaints about everything, 
I spend too much money on stuff I don't need, 
I am a hypocrite, 
I spend too much time on watching Anime, 
I always give up on anything I want to achieve because I'm simply too lazy to keep going, 
I personally think that re-heated food is much better,
I have very little amount of friends (I feel that I have enough, though), 
I am quite weird, 
I get told on a daily basis that my voice is awesome, 
I used to play Counter-Strike professionally,
I have been playing video games for too long,
I am very rarely satisfied with the final result of anything I do/make,
I tend to rush things when I get tired of something,
I love learning languages,
I have too many interests in meaningless stuff,
I like drawing,
I like playing the piano,
I isolate myself from the real world,

And I'm too lazy to continue this, I'm gonna go sleep now.

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