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Black Cat

19 DEC

Black Cat was one of the first anime I watched, alongside Pokemon, Yugioh!, Kiddy Grade and Basilisk. As such, this show is held especially dear to my heart. Anyways, I found that despite the fact that the anime left out much of the manga, they found a way to make the show and story enjoyable, despite the filler episodes/hiccups they had along the way. The contrast of characters between Train, Sven, Rinslet, and Eve all help to make the main cast an enjoyable spectacle to behold. As for the actual story itself, Train's quest for revenge, and Creed's desires for world domination and Train's (love? friendship? Skills? I kinda felt that Creed had a seemingly romantic direction towards Train.) conflicts are very interesting, and the back stories that appear and develop throughout the show kept my interest from beginning to end. However, since the show had those meddling hiccups along the way, I have to give Black Cat an 8.5-9.0/10

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