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I've started watching anime when i was waaay younger, stupider and naive. And so I watched crap like DBZ, and I don't really feel any shame bout it - everybody gotta start with sth. Now I'm bit more cynical, so I try to look for more interesting anime. But that doesn't stop me from watching some total nonsense just to relieve some stress. Though I have to admit I am getting more and more picky lately. Sign of getting old? :S

Why i like anime? Well it's exotic for sure - that factor is probably very important. It's created by completely different culture after all. Also it's easier to create emotions in drawings then to squeeze them out of real actors. Of course the best of the best are able to give you any facial expression. But even in mediocre anime you can usually find it. Therefore watching anime is more fun than watching real live movies. Not that i don't watch them - diversity is also good.

Well if you read so far it means you really are bored. So I may add that i came here through while trying to find some new series to watch, and found this place quite interesting. And following the rule that when you take you should also give something i decided i'll give some reccomendations/reviews as well.

That's it ;]

Scoring explained:

0,5-1 - a.k.a. hate score - show that was so terrible to aquire at max score of 2,  I couldn't find a single redeeming feature, and personally hated it.

1,5 - 4 - really bad and I don't reccommend it. But I can acknowledge it did tried to be good at least in one cathegory

4 - 5 - below average. very weak, and not reccommended (Except maybe some hardcore genre fanatics)

5 - 6.5 - average. It's watchable, my eyes didn't bleed but I'm not really gasping in awe.

6.5 - 8  - Above average. Nothing groundbreaking, but enjoyable show.

8 - 9.5 - Good. I really enjoyed the show a lot, and can reccommend it to anyone

10 - a.k.a. fanboyish score - anime that should get at least 8 if judging objectively, but managed to move me enough to become one of my personal favorites.  10 doesn't neccessarily means the show is a masterpiece, but rather that it's a good show that personally adore.

Manga pimping:

    1.    Love Roma - seinen, slice of life, romance Moving between absurd and heartwarming, reading this manga really made my day and left me with a large smile. Very simple high school romance, without any serious drama, or fanservice. You can check my review if you need more convincing.

   2.     Densha Otoko: The Story of the Train Man Who Fell in Love With a Girl - seinen, romance. short and unbelievably cute romance, based on real events. Sweet story about otaku, getting a girlfriend thanks to advices posted on 2chan. The art is weak, but the charm of this manga is good enough to cover for it. There were moments where I found myself cheering for the main character along with the posters on the forum, so yeah - this 3 volumes are worth the time ;]

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TheMajor5 Dec 11, 2009

XD  ahh I understand completely now.  Love Polygons do take most of Shounen unfortunately and like Love Hina, most of the girls are not affected by the rivals, which really ticks me off.  its so unreal its not even worth reading, im trying to finish Love Hina but after finding the Love Polygons -yeah its not gonna happen.  But to be honest i dont read much of the joesi or seinen.  Shounen i like it because its more directed towards my age where as the other romances are not.

I do see your point more or less though.  I does make sense to group them together based on a whole of manga, rather then base it off of just 1 manga.  I mean, so far i have found well 4 good shounen manga (Ani Doki, Pastel, Suzuka, and KNIM).  Those 4 I mention because i really like, the others are alright but in total ive read like 12 and outta those more like 8 are shounen.  So thats where my opinion comes from, based of what i have.  And yes outta those 4 mangas i mentioned, 4 of them would happen only by chance by god himself.  Very unlikely, but thats the point of manga anyways an it hold my attention very well so keeps me looking for others like it.

More than one manga ive read where the girl is perfect and no personality, gets very old fast.  But i see your point, made very well i may add, and it makes sense.  It just all depends on the person and how many romances he has in his arsenal.

RDB Dec 9, 2009

yea, can't argue with that.  Take it easy.

kristinemarie Dec 9, 2009

Maybe I just need to exercise my creativity and write my own endings for all of these unfinished shows. :-)

Anyway, I'll add Daisy to my "Want to Read" list. At this point, I'm just collecting titles and when I finally get my life back to myself (hahahaha what a joke... *sigh*) I'll see about starting some manga.

I'm also adding Spice and Wolf to my "Want to Watch" list since it's on the top of your anime list. ^_^

Hope December is treating you well!

RDB Dec 7, 2009

Thanks for the response.  Yea I agree that Shin went down the whole annoying character route but for the most part his insanity was in check ( and was for a fairly good reason.. not an excuse but severed sisters hands kinda do that.)  The only reason why I coulden't see Kouchi go down the same road was the intensity of it.  If he had remained that insane right off the start then the show would have burned itself out within another few episodes.  That kind of attitude would have pushed away all allies and pissed off all enemies and he would have fought himself into a corner.  I agree that the complete turn around of his character was a pain and it would have been nice to see him still keep some of his traits from episode 4 and below.  As for the anime itself,  I'm an episode away from finishing it and I have to say I am insanely dissapointed in the plot development.  The death and destruction and mayhem caused by Juda's enemies up to the alliance makes no sense in my opinion.  I'm sure they would have gotten more allies from the start if they had simply stated their intentions "Yea, we are going to be invaded.  Technically we are supposed to be the vanguard but we want to stop them.  So either help us or get out of our way" that sort of thing.  I don't think the excuses used in the show itself gave a valid reason for the sudden turn around and I think it was used as one last plot twist to throw people off.

Anyway, enough of my rantings.  You take it easy.

kristinemarie Dec 5, 2009

Okay I realize how neurotic this is about to sound, but.. the manga is scary because I already started the series as an anime.  In general, I don't have an issue with manga, but I don't want to mix media until I complete one of the versions.  If I'd started reading the manga first, I wouldn't want to watch the show until the manga had completed.  So, just to make myself seem a little weirder, I confess! 

Zarana87 has been recommending manga for me and I do intend to start reading some.  So I'm not terrified of the medium itself!  I just won't start with one that I'm currently watching too, lol.