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I've started watching anime when i was waaay younger, stupider and naive. And so I watched crap like DBZ, and I don't really feel any shame bout it - everybody gotta start with sth. Now I'm bit more cynical, so I try to look for more interesting anime. But that doesn't stop me from watching some total nonsense just to relieve some stress. Though I have to admit I am getting more and more picky lately. Sign of getting old? :S

Why i like anime? Well it's exotic for sure - that factor is probably very important. It's created by completely different culture after all. Also it's easier to create emotions in drawings then to squeeze them out of real actors. Of course the best of the best are able to give you any facial expression. But even in mediocre anime you can usually find it. Therefore watching anime is more fun than watching real live movies. Not that i don't watch them - diversity is also good.

Well if you read so far it means you really are bored. So I may add that i came here through while trying to find some new series to watch, and found this place quite interesting. And following the rule that when you take you should also give something i decided i'll give some reccomendations/reviews as well.

That's it ;]

Scoring explained:

0,5-1 - a.k.a. hate score - show that was so terrible to aquire at max score of 2,  I couldn't find a single redeeming feature, and personally hated it.

1,5 - 4 - really bad and I don't reccommend it. But I can acknowledge it did tried to be good at least in one cathegory

4 - 5 - below average. very weak, and not reccommended (Except maybe some hardcore genre fanatics)

5 - 6.5 - average. It's watchable, my eyes didn't bleed but I'm not really gasping in awe.

6.5 - 8  - Above average. Nothing groundbreaking, but enjoyable show.

8 - 9.5 - Good. I really enjoyed the show a lot, and can reccommend it to anyone

10 - a.k.a. fanboyish score - anime that should get at least 8 if judging objectively, but managed to move me enough to become one of my personal favorites.  10 doesn't neccessarily means the show is a masterpiece, but rather that it's a good show that personally adore.

Manga pimping:

    1.    Love Roma - seinen, slice of life, romance Moving between absurd and heartwarming, reading this manga really made my day and left me with a large smile. Very simple high school romance, without any serious drama, or fanservice. You can check my review if you need more convincing.

   2.     Densha Otoko: The Story of the Train Man Who Fell in Love With a Girl - seinen, romance. short and unbelievably cute romance, based on real events. Sweet story about otaku, getting a girlfriend thanks to advices posted on 2chan. The art is weak, but the charm of this manga is good enough to cover for it. There were moments where I found myself cheering for the main character along with the posters on the forum, so yeah - this 3 volumes are worth the time ;]

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RingoStarr1991 Nov 1, 2011

As the title states you are good with that arranging of the words thing. I also am adoring your Spice and Wolf Signature :D

yasmin09 Aug 23, 2011

Hello, I thought I would mention that I am quite a fan of your reviews. They are quite well-written and very helpful.

NarwanyStachu Aug 8, 2011

Właśnie skończyłem oglądać 2 sezona Natsume Yuujinchou lada moment będe brał się za 3. Ale przed tym chciałbym obejrzeć jakis starszy mający już ładnych pare lat tytuł nieważne o czym nieważna kreska liczy się fabyła! Nie musi wciągać od pierwszego ep dla mnie liczy się całokształt:) Jeśli masz jakiś  tytuł na myśli i będziesz miał troche czasu to odpisz.

PS: Niektóre nowe produkcje nie są złe ale brakuje im czegoś może klimatu albo jakiegoś rodzaju głębi? Czegoś co było w cowboy bebob w NGE, trigun czy w filmach Miyazakiego :S

Lumineux Mar 27, 2011

eh, i didnt give it much thought on the romance department in the Major series. For me, the romance was just there for a change of mood (no romance/comedy, and all sports would be boring. especially for the length of Majors).But the impression i got was that if Major was any less optimistic, Shimizu probably wouldnt be with goro. (be it in harsh reality of romance) I mean, everyone has limited patience. UNLESS, there was actually much more activity between them besides what the viewer sees.

im over analyzing. sports anime = little romance. ill shut up now.

Hyareil Jan 12, 2011

Przyciągnął mnie znajomo brzmiący nick. W skrócie: interesujący profil, ładny sig, zazdroszczę ilości obejrzanych anime :) Pozdrowienia :)