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Onani Master Kurosawa

on Nov 29, 2009

It's quite rare for a manga to catch my attention just by title. Summary, reccommendation, artwork  - sure, this can easily make me want to read something. But titles are usually more of a cover, that I don't really care about. This time it was different. Onani master Kurosawa - "what the hell? no they didn't..."  - those were the first thoughts that went through my head, after noticing this on the list of mangas. Curious about it I went to read summary, and bursted with laughter - they actually did made a manga about a guy who is master of masturbation. The concept was so... See full review

8.5/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

Love Roma

on Nov 15, 2009

Browsing through a lot of Seinen mangas I stumbled upon Love Roma. Slightly curious about this story I sneaked a peek and almost gave up on reading this. The art is ugly, and that's a downer for a romance (I usually mind it less in battle mangas, since they can get some more points during fighting scenes). I decided that if I have to drop it because of the art,  I'll at least sit through one chapter - that sounded fair. To my suprise, after reading one chapter instead of dropping it I've read whole 5 volumes. Good story managed to overcome the art hurdle. Story - 7.5/10   One day, during a... See full review

7.5/10 story
5/10 art
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

High School Debut

on Oct 30, 2009

Shoujo is genre that suffers the most from the disease known as "Too much cliche". After all,  there is limited list of possible events, that can happen in high school romance.Some of the mangakas don't care much about it, and their titles are usually predictable and boring. Others try to cover it by making their characters go through some unbelievable ordeals (taken probably from soap operas) - those mangas usually are ridicolous and laughable. But there also are cases, when author figures a way to use the cliche as an advantage instead of a flaw - and that's how rare gems like "High... See full review

7.8/10 story
6.5/10 art
8.2/10 characters
7.8/10 overall

Bloody Monday

on Oct 29, 2009

Awesome and realistic high school+shounen+mystery, based in a present time, is quite a rarity. Usually mangakas either go the supernatural route ( for example Psyren, Future Dairy, Death Note ) or give up on high school setting, and change into seinen  instead ( like Remote  or Angel Heart ). Bloody Monday, while maintaning the image of characters being "extraordinary",  still manages to pull a captivating story.Story - 8/10 All of it starts with introduction of a genius hacker, Falcon. For a moment there, we are lead to believe, that the story might go the very cliche... See full review

8/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

Rave Master

on Oct 17, 2009

I'll admit that I dropped this 3 or 4 times before I finally get into it enough to read it. Why is that? Because the first 50 or so chapters are complete garbage. I mean I know some Shounen stories might start weak - for example Kekkaishi is pretty dull until some real opponents appear - but Rave master wins in term of crappiest beginning. Not only the pace is completely off (waaay too fast dialogues) but also the  ideas for power seems pretty cheap. Explosive sword called "Explosion"? What kind of lame power is that? Putting my whining aside, once the story gets rolling (Haru's father arc... See full review

5.5/10 story
6/10 art
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall

Tramps Like Us

on Oct 17, 2009

When I first read the description I was pretty reluctant to read it. I mean let's face it - single woman finding a bishounen in a cardboard box, and deciding to keep him as her pet sounds like some cheap smut scenario.  But it had "josei" tag,  so I decided to give it a shot (josei and seinen turns out to be at least good, most of the time). And it was damn worth it time.Story - 8/10First of all let's clear some things up  - even though the setting is pretty unrealistic, this manga is pretty good at portraying  human emotions. Our main heroine - Sumire is intelligent and... See full review

8/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
8/10 overall

20th Century Boys

on Oct 13, 2009

There are some mangas that have completely no appeal in it's outer appearance. You look at the cover and think "Ugh how ugly". You read the description and think "Sounds boring". There isn't a single thing that may convince you to try this title out. And then some small event changes your mind - maybe a friend recommend it to you. Or you notice the author is the same guy who wrote another title you love. Or you read some spoiler and think it might turn out to be interesting.  You start reading  - first few chapters aren't that hot, and it looks like your predictions were... See full review

10/10 story
5/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall