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Detroit Metal City

Nov 18, 2009

The review to give this show it's justice is really tough to make. It would need to be created from combination of words: rape and kill, their synonyms, their versions in japaneese and synonyms of those japaneese words. Final flavour would be every vulgar world describing humans genitalias, that you can find in a dictionary. That wouldn't be the end of it's problems. The main issue is, that this kind of text could be understood properly only by the emperor Krauser himself, so it would loose  it's educational value. Therefore in order to promote this show a bit, following compromise was written.

Story 5.2/10

It's tough life being a total pushover in Japan. Especially if your interests are so girly, that  you make BackStreet Boys look straight. And if your friends are into death metal - than frankly, you're screwed. That is the case with the main character of this absurd story - Negishi Souchi. This young and full of dreams, poor fellow is forced to sing as a main vocalist of hardcore, death-metal band. White & black makeup, obscene lyrics, and old masochist with a gag ball, playing the role of pig on stage - that's the night life of this gentle kid. And since he is too much of a wuss to oppose his crazy manager there's no way for him to escape this lifestyle.

This concept for the show is 'comedy of misunderstandings'. No matter what are Negishis intentions and wishes, his action are misinterpreted by people around him. Whether he trips, catches a cold or puts a make-up without a mirror  - the legend of Krauser is fueled by every little thing he does, and the imagination of his loyal fans. Also it's not like he completely detests his 'other self'. He very often looses control, getting too much into Krauser role,  and acts against his usual, gentle ways. Since both the normal and the death metal versions of Negishi are completely absurd and over-the-top, it's hard to feel pity for his struggles. Thanks to that, we can enjoy a very crude but incredibly funny comedy, without feeling any connection to the unrealistic character.

So why only 5.2 for story, you ask? The answer is simple and slightly sad - Detroit Metal City  is doing the same comedy patterns over and over again. Most jokes in this anime are based on the contrast between what Negishi wants/tries to do and how it is perceived by his fans. The other large number of funny situations revolves around the Krauser personality seeping into his normal life. Finally there is a small percentage of jokes, that aren't directly based on main character actions, but on some other factor. Good news is - it doesn't seem too tiresome and boring, due to short length of episodes and of the whole show. Bad news is - previous statement doesn't change the fact, that the sour aftertaste of "it could be even better if the jokes were more original" remains.

Animation - 7.6/10

The drawing style if very average looking. It has neither really appealed to me nor make me disgusted. The character animation and camera movement is better. The studio 4C did a really good job in animating the concerts, making them quite visually appealing. The most annoying thing was blacking out parts of some scenes. While I understand that it was done to help the comedy, I still didn't like it

Sound - 7/10

Thankfully Japaneese can't sing Death metal well. If they could, the OST of this show would mainly compromise of unintelligible roaring, and listening to it would be comparable to hearing pneumatic drill in the morning ( before I get flamed by fans of Death metal I have to say, that I simply can't listen to this type of music and this is just my personal opinion). Since they Japaneese can't pull it off, we can actually hear words in the songs that Krauser shouts on stage.

The pop songs used as a contrast to DMC sounds so unbelievably gay, that I believe the only purpose of their existence is to make the the normal version of Negishi even less straight.

Seyiu did a good job, bringing out the best of their characters.

Characters - 5/10

Characters in this show aren't supposed to be  realistic. It's the opposite - the more flat they seem, the more you will laugh of their absurd actions. Cause let's face it - if we stop for a moment and think about it - the situation of main character in this show is really terrible. He is a weak guy, surrounded by a bunch of weirdos and forced into work, that  directly opposes his ideals (though later it turns out he isn't as anti-Krauser as he thought he was ). That is why creators of the show made sure, that there is no way people would sympathize with Negishi. Actually it's the opposite - it feels like his Death metal version is more likeable than his usual self.

The shallowness of the characters in this show is understandable - it's all for the comedy. The explanation doesnt' change fact that they are flat, one-trick ponies. Therefore score for this section is low.

Overall - 7/10

This show is "love it or hate it" type. If this type of crude comedy is your thing, than you will spend enjoyable 2,5 hours, laughing your ass off. If your looking for a more sophisticated humour, than you will probably find it tasteless, and once you take the comedy away the show doesn't have much too offer. I know I enjoyed it a lot.

5.2/10 story
7.6/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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