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Hatsukoi Limited

Oct 27, 2009

In 9 of 10 cases if you bring a good romance material to J.C.Staff they will create a very enjoyable show (though somehow cliche). They just have to skill to make unoriginal stuff shine (I consider ZnT 3rd some sort of mistake, maybe they were drunk all the time while making it, or somehow watched too much Eiken and it influenced him in a bad way...). That's why I went to watch this with high expectations, and Hatsukoi Limited didn't disapoint me. 

Story - 7.5/10

 It's hard to really call it a single story, since it's actually  a collection of short love stories. Sure, there is some sort of "central plot" that glues it all together, but it's main purpose is to provide some sort of ending, not work as a main storyline. Most of the stories could work as a independent one-shots. The roles of main and support shifts and results of one arc  have only minor influence on another arc. Yet all of them together draw a nice picture, we could call "high school life" - a similar setting as "Boys Be" or "Joshi Kousei"

While it lacks the "slow build up of relationship" that is very appealing in usual romance show, Hatsukoi Limited got it own charms. With variety of characters we can see different types of affection, and different kind of reaction. Some of them don't want to fall in love, some have unrequited crushes, others have steady reliationship that also got it's own problems. They might overdid a "Love polygon" stuff at the beginning of the show, but it eventually calms down without too much serious drama and negative emotions. As a side note - ending (that is really sweet) have one of  the best "you just got owned" scenes ever. 

Animation - 9/10

 2009 quality stuff. From the character design, through animation all the way to backgrounds  - everything is top notch.  The only reason this show doesn't get 10 is because I reserve 10 for animes that make me gasp in awe from some beatiful scenes. And while this show have reached "awesome" level, it still haven't climbe to the top called "extraordinary".

Sound  - 8/10

Catchy Opening and catchy ending, good seiyus, good music fitting the mood. Nothing extraordinary though.

Characters - 9/10

In most of the shoujo mangas the main heroine who is called ugly is actually drawn pretty cute. In shounen a looser wimp without much looks still seem pretty badass (in most cases at least). Why is that? Because whatever the character idea is - the good looking stuff sells better. That is why Hatsukoi Limited is really refreshing - it actually allowed main characters to look ugly, weak and geeky. Some of the guys who have romance in this show, look like some unimpressive "random classmate A" from typical high school anime. 

Leaving the looks aside - list of characters is quite long for a 13 episodes show, but most of them are likable. Shy painter, arrogant beauty, sport genius, sexy senpai... There are all sorts of character here, and even though the show is short, they manage to pull some character growth, and bring some quality scenes.

The only character that tick me off, was girl with brother complex. I do understand her purpose was to bring a bit more comedy to the show, but her clinginess to her brother and her style of talking was simply annoying. I don't get why Japaneese find incest so amusing, maybe that's why I couldn't sympathize with this char.

Overall - 8/10

 If you need some short, light show to relax Hatsukoi Limited is an anime for you.  It's a very swee story, and you can watch it without fear that at some point producers will smack you with stuff like sudden death, tragic past, self-sacrifice, excessive love rivalry or other  things from the list of "can happen in shounen romance".  

7.5/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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aapjee Feb 27, 2010

haha this show is pretty awesome, i tought it was something with less comedy like kimikiss pure rouge but it really did have good comedy.

and i was wondering to why japanese people seem to like incest this much. it just feels really gross and retarded to me.

nitaipriya Nov 22, 2009

i'm on ep 2 (Thanx to ThePatches recommendation ;} ) ... and ya - ur review is awesome and it already fits with what i've experienced so far - will be checking out more of your recs

ThePatches Oct 27, 2009

I REALLY need to watch this show as a J.C. Staff junkie. I keep hearing good things about it. Nice little review.