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Total lack of commont sense

19 OCT

I'm watching Tears to Tiara, and with each episode I am amazed with stupidity of most of the characters. They act in a way that "would look cool" instead of a way that can help them survive.

Like for example the episode were Riannon was captured.  Not only Romans were stupid enough to let her walk around camp without guards, but they also left gate completely unguarded - now that's a great way to get yourself killed during your sleep. Well some guard appeared in the end, but it looked like he was just taking a walk, and incidentally noticed Riannon.

And what's  with Arawn course of action?! He mindcontrolled Riannon and told her to get out of the camp - come on, if Romans weren't noobs she would get killed in no time thx to doing that. Hell she almost got kiled even with noob Romans, if not for the bard interference. 

There are also other cases like that - apparently it's better to risk Arawn life using Candid magic, than let Ogam use his fire magic without consequences but with drawback that he can't use it for a while. Yeeeeah, great planning mr Demon King. And what's with all the ppl just watching when Arthur went berserk? I mean come one, there were around 20 ppl there, they could restrain him in a blink of an eye. But no, they just watched the drama - only popcorn was missing from that scene.

While this show is watchable I am constantlty getting a feeling, that they aren't really fighting and planning, but "playing war". Great strategy = circle the enemy. Awesome strategy = steal their supplies. Ye, their brilliance is simply too awesome. And when you have fighting force few times as strong as your enemy, and know his location what is the best course of action? Wait, and whine to senat for reinforcments, while your enemies get more men and try to find alliances. 

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Kari5 avatar Kari5
Oct 20, 2009

Haha, great blog. Yeah, that show did lack a bit too much common sense.

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