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First blog post!

16 JUL

Yeah so... this is my first blog post.

I guess I'll talk about the episodes of Gurren Lagann I watched today. Warning: Spoilers for Tengan Toppan Gurren Lagann episodes 14-20.


I think the battle with the Spin Lord, Germone or something of that sort, could have been a lot better than it was. It was nothing terrible though but it was also nothing extremely amazing. I think if the battle was just a bit longer and had a bit more to it, it would be a lot awesomer. 

The way it ended was also not very much to my liking, the way the Spin Lord just falls back and *really* dies. That was just plain and somewhat cliche which was a huge dissapoint as I had huge standards for the ending of that.

Now, onto the second part of Gurren Lagann (Which I believe is a second season? Though I'm not 100% sure.) 

The very first episode was amazing and I love what they did with it. They made the seven year transition perfect instead of having it feel rushed and or weird. The way the characters had developed, ex: Simon growing up to be somewhat more of an adult, was definetly a good move for the series.

One thing that gave me a weird feeling at the start of all this was the way Rossiu acted. (Thus this begins to go into a small rant thing towards that character). I never really loved Rossiu and I never really hated him in the beginning. He was an okay character knowing what his village had gone through and such. He sort of annoyed me though just due to the way he acted somewhat superior than all the others in the beginning. Now with the start of the second part I can see that he CLEARLY has some sort of issue.

He turned out to be the character I dislike the most in the entire anime. Untrustworthy is one of the sort of *feelings?* I felt toward him at the beginning. There was just something about the way he was presented and the way he acted that told me this is not going to end well. After seeing him not only produce an unfair trial for his, who I would assume to be *After the events that had happened 7 years ago*, friend, I realized he is a total asshole.

Now, going back to the actual episodes here.

I loved the way they had Simon propose to Nia. It is the cutest proposal scene I've ever seen in an anime. What took me off guard though was Nia's reaction. "No way!" It wasn't anything bad at all though! It was extremely like her to say something like that and I was alright with it.

But the whole Anti-Spiral situation has put me on the edge of my seat and I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode (Which I will watch later today considering it's 2:05am.) 

I'm very, VERY happy with this anime overall.

10/10 would reccomend.


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