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6. Cowboy Bebop

7. Trigun

8. Hellsing

9. Dragon Ball Z - I have to give props to the anime that started it all for me.

10. Yu Yu Hakusho

About Me

Hajimemashite. Hello! All my anime lovin' peoples.

I like music(I have an eclectic taste...basically means I love all kinds. A great beat and lyrics is all I need) , movies(all kinds), video games, reading, cooking, and more. Oh, and obviously I love anime...or else why would I be here. My favorite genre of video game are RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Shadow Hearts, the Chrono games (of course I like other genres...such as action/adventure, platformers, and more). I've been watching since the beginning of Toonami from way back when. I have a very weird state of mentality. I love all things, weird, random, and different. Chaos makes the world go round, as it were, also it's definitly more fun. I have a great loving. I tend to always be making jokes...from sarcastic slapstick and all in between. I love to have fun...and those around me are always laughing. Life is too short to be so uptight. ^.^

Music Tastes

Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Techno, Trance, House, Country, Anime(soundtracks are a good thing), Oldies, Classic Rock( I <3 the 80's), Movie(themes) & Comedy(Stephen Lynch/Tenacious D)

Anime Tastes

I like anime that aren't the same plot over and over again. It needs to have something that sets it apart from the rest. Of course, I give all kinds of anime a chance and I'll watch it through to the end. I rate them as I see em. I don't really have a genre of choice...but I tend to lean towards fantasy rather that reality( I get enough of that in everyday life, but if it's a good reality based anime...then it's all good).

Why I'm Here

I'm here for a few reasons:

Reason 1 - Friends!!! I'm here to make friends with fellow otakus and anime lovers. I'd like to get to know you if you share interests with me or not( of course, we'd share at least one interest in anime, but maybe there are a few interests than you and I don't share that I can learn about and maybe enjoy as well and vice versa).

Reason 2 - A Thirst For Knowledge!!! I love to learn and broaden my horizons. Knowledge is power and all that. On this site, I'd like to learn about more anime. I'm no newb when it comes to anime, but there is always room to learn more. Also this site will help me discover new anime to view and review. I'd also like to contribute to this site by adding anime, descriptions, and recommending anime. I'd also like to learn how to review anime. I'm a long time lover of anime, but I'm new to the reviewing of it.

Long Bio...perhaps.

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DivineChaos Jan 24, 2008

Haha, I didn't realize I put that I saw the entire series.

I probably have only seen about half. =\ 

Shigune Jan 22, 2008

why thank you ^_^

but I wish there where more episodes of Death Note, though ._.


Tachikoma Jan 14, 2008

yeah, i really like the original gundam universe better, G was too much like a fighing anime, which is cool, but im more into "warfare" then just fighting, so it wasnt really up my alley.

that and i am a hard core universal century, (0079-0083) guy, that and i am also a hard core Zeon supporter, so i think that most other series will not add up to the original universe of gundam. We'll see if 00 changes my opinon or not.

lol and i am the one who said i'd rather be hot then cold, which is still true, but i am really starting to miss the nice south dakotian winters. :( who know i might just move back up there someday,.. or at least to flagstaff.

Tachikoma Jan 14, 2008

mesa huh? cool! i never been there b4 :( actually i havent been to many places in the state yet, I'm still pretty new here.

so far loving it here! but i really am missing snow though. i heard that back in south dakota they have around 12 to 13 inches right now, while we have,... well none :(

anyway see ya 'round

Necropolis Jan 13, 2008

Lol, yeah. Once I had some n00b following me around for an hour begging for gold before I used my hearthstone... xD (sad thing is that I would've done it sooner but I had to wait til my hearthstone cooled down)