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Strawberry Panic

19 DEC

Strawberry panic is and shoujo-ai taking place in a all girls school. I wonder what will happen.....


Story- Nagisa arrives to astrea hill which posseses 3 all girl school that are basically connected. She meets Shizuma who is Etoile, and the romance between them starts. The story was nothing special. Was a basic romance between girls with some drama into it. (Thats because girls are all drama!XD) It was fine and all, didnt keep me interested or anything, but the one thing that made me so mad is the switching between Nagisa's and Hikari's Storys. Hikari and Amane seemed like such boring people that the story of them got so annoying i wanted to drop it. What i most enjoyed about the story was the drama when shizuma and nagisa was at her house and all shizuma thought of was her past lover. The Drama was very intense and so interesting, its what kept me watching.

Animation- Character's quality was not anything good really. It seemed bland and not interesting. Not much to say on this topic though. There was nothing good and nothing really bad about it.

Sound- The opening and closing songs were calming and relaxing. It fitted the anime so well. May of not been my preferance but they did a good job. Sound quality was nice, had no problems, but not much was spent on it.

Characters- I enjoyed Nagisa and Shizuma alot, because throughout the whole story they constantly changed which i really enjoyed. Nagisa's hyper self broughout out Shizuma's character alot. Shizuma is gloomy, seems like she never cares. People may have not noticed but the most interesting character had to be Miyuki. She was Shizuma's concious throughout the whole story. We dip into the past of her and shizuma a bit.

Overall- the anime is not anything special. If you have some time to kill or enjoy these bland animes go for it. I most likely will never watch it again.

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User Review Scores

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  • Animation 5/10
  • Sound 5/10
  • Characters 8/10
  • Overall 6/10


pockeys avatar pockeys
Dec 30, 2012

The anime itself was pretty bland and didn’t have much to look forward to. However I suggest you read the light novel series of Strawberry Panic!, because it will give you a more in detailed story with many more twists that will make you rethink the story altogether 

Symmetrical avatar Symmetrical
Dec 25, 2010

ikr? lol was gonna do one for highschool of the dead, but i dont rly know how id word it. I means you eaither love it or you hate it

NoCheerios avatar NoCheerios
Dec 24, 2010

lol it seems you and I enjoy and write review about the same anime :D

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