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Black Lagoon

Aug 5, 2010

Black Lagoon is one of the best and (hopefully becomes) a classic anime that I've watched, even after watching it five times. The graphical details were stunning and the characters are the high life of the show. Revy, Rock and the other characters don't seem as if there's a lot of history; almost like the first layer of cake. Just not much too much to work with, but that's also a good thing; because the story revovles the main character into getting involved with the underground. Which you would need to expect that the less the underground knows, the more likely you are to survive. With catching up with the manga past the second Roberta Arc, the man behind the manga Rei Hiroe just keeps it up great not dissapointing his fans. In the end the anime is one of the few that are the most accurate to the original manga. I highly recomend watching and reading it bacause of the beautifull visuals and the story/plot just develops as it progresses. Watch it subbed it's much better with japanesse voice acting; that and the voices seem more accurate to the indivisual character than the dubbed. 

8.7/10 story
8.9/10 animation
7.8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.7/10 overall
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