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Hi I'm Kristin. I'm 18 and in my first year of college, majoring in Computer Science (but I'll probably switch to Applied Computing Technologies or Business at some point...). I'm quiet, indecisive and meticulous, and I like to draw, laugh, and over-analyze things.

I have taken Japanese lessons in the past and spent a summer in Japan a while ago, so I can understand/read Japanese to some extent though I'm not comfortable with speaking it. I also know a little Spanish and would like to learn French and American Sign Language too at some point.

I watch a lot of anime, but I prefer shorter shows because I like to watch the entire series in one sitting (otherwise it's likely I'd forget what had happened in previous episodes or get distracted and forget to finish watching it) and that gets harder to do when the anime has more than 30 episodes.

I don't really have a favorite anime genre because I try to watch and appreciate a little of everything, but I do tend to enjoy comedy the most I think. And um that's it I guess... I never know what to write in bios.

PS: Moyashimon makes me want to hug microbes.

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Falcon1991 avatar Falcon1991

Cool Top 5 Anime!

Jul 15, 2010

Nice to see you like Haruhi.

It was the anime to get me into anime. :)

Nomadichu avatar Nomadichu

You Rock!

Jan 29, 2008

heya!I couldn't be bothered asking this in the minami-ke thread on gaia... cause I'm here lol but what anime is your sig and avie from?

Nomadichu avatar Nomadichu


Jan 26, 2008

Hello fellow gaian! (I'm Hiddenbeliefs on gaia)I thought that i would drop by and say hello to anothe Minami-Ke fan! i see you like Haruhi, I'm considering watching it, is it really as good as everyone seems to think so? It looks okay.-Kate

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