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I've watched far too much anime for any sane human being. I'm not terribly obsessive about my little hobby though, I wouldn't call myself an otaku. It's a pleasant way to pass time.

I've developed some habits in my anime watching. Watch only complete series. If possible, only watch a series if I have access to all its related titles. Watch every single episode.

I'm very particular about the quality of the stuff I watch. Nearly everything I see is DVD-rips, and among those, the best I can find. Only original japanese audio. I refuse to watch English dubbed anime.

I'm not as particular to the actual quality of the anime, I watch the best as well as some I find crap (barring Pokemon and its ilk.)

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What?! No anime ratings?

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sothis Oct 10, 2007

Dear Svamp,

Because you have seen almost 500 titles, I think you should make more than 6 recommendations! :D come on now, I've seen the same amount, it's pretty easy to do ;)

Do poor sothis a favor and help the multi thousands of p eople on the site out, pleaaaase? :D

Svamp Jul 31, 2007

Thanks for the welcome. Sheesh, you're forcing me to put in some effort here.

Whew. There's three of them. Hope this doesn't become a habit. ;) 

OneiChan Jul 30, 2007

OMG, he doesn't want to make recommendations unless there is a justifiable reason to recommend two anime for eachother?? Ahahaha! This just means you would probably make great recs... can't wait to see one from you! 

 I'm kind of the same as you when it comes to watching anime. If I am going to get started on a series, I want the WHOLE thing to be finished, and I also want to have any related series handy. I also will not watch english dubs, even if its supposed to be 'the best dub ever'. I think that most english dub actors never even watch the anime in its original language and they strip it of all emotion. Anyways, welcome! Glad to have you here at anime-planet!  

Svamp Jul 30, 2007


 Heh. Ya, the otaku button is a nice touch.  I'll try to write some recommendations, though probably not a lot of them, I'm too much of a perfectionist and wouldn't want to connect anime without proper justification. I guess I could add something to the database a slow day.

 Familiar with the Animenet website four years back or so? They kept a database where users could rate anime from 0 to 10 and would receive a recommendation list out of it. I liked that site, but they shut down due to money problems.

As for the avatar - kittens go well with the chicks. ;)

sothis Jul 30, 2007

Haha, nice avatar. ;) "I wouldn't call myself an otaku"  <---LOLOLOL not according to the button! >:D you get it for watching 3 months combined of anime, so it looks like you and me (and firestorm) are in the same boat. I do hope you continue to use the site and I especially hope you'll sign up to make recommendations sometime. Thousands of people use them daily to figure out what to watch next, and you could help! (plus I'd be grateful forever). You can also earn points by adding things that aren't in the database, which you can exchange for DVDs and prizes. Check out the "earn prizes" link on the left for more info.

Anyways, welcome!