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Hi all. Im a 23 year old first year University student of Informatic from Portugal. In my free time i like to have fun with friends, like playing games and stuff, but mostly play online games cause it always gives us some laughs.Im very active in the sports area and i already played soccer, tennis, swimming, judo and karate, and just recently started to slow down, but i intend to start soccer again in my University team.

Well its really hard to say wat my top 5 are cause there are alot of animes i liked and its hard to say by a special order. Ill just mention some that really marked me for some reason.

1.Great Teacher Onizuka - Hellsing

2.Death Note - One Piece

3.Golden Boy - Love Hina

4.Lovely Complex - Chobits

5.Fate Stay Night - Gungrave

6.Kenichi - Ichigo 100%

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CyberHunter777 Oct 8, 2008

type devil lady or devilman lady on google images . i bet you will find it there somewhere .

CyberHunter777 Oct 8, 2008

Thanks . its from the Anime Devil lady i found it while browsing the internet

AkumaSama Oct 7, 2008

yeah i'm in the 10th grade

tetra Oct 7, 2008

I tried ragnarok, but since it was so focused on using the mouse to play I did not play very long. It hurt in the wrist after just ten minutes of playing, and it was way too unflexible.

Don't know... I wont play warhammer since it's so pvp oriented, Age of Conan seems cool, really cool and have some incredible music, but I never liked the books and the world is so depressing so I dont think I would like the game.

AkumaSama Oct 7, 2008

i still haven't watch it because i'm to busy with school projects and other things but once i get some free time i'll watch it ^^