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Hi all. Im a 23 year old first year University student of Informatic from Portugal. In my free time i like to have fun with friends, like playing games and stuff, but mostly play online games cause it always gives us some laughs.Im very active in the sports area and i already played soccer, tennis, swimming, judo and karate, and just recently started to slow down, but i intend to start soccer again in my University team.

Well its really hard to say wat my top 5 are cause there are alot of animes i liked and its hard to say by a special order. Ill just mention some that really marked me for some reason.

1.Great Teacher Onizuka - Hellsing

2.Death Note - One Piece

3.Golden Boy - Love Hina

4.Lovely Complex - Chobits

5.Fate Stay Night - Gungrave

6.Kenichi - Ichigo 100%

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FalseMalevolence Sep 29, 2008

Thanks for the welcome, hey I used to play wow! =O

Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Warlock, Mage, all at 70, had to quit though, got kinda boring. :(

AkumaSama Sep 29, 2008

i know what you mean naruto got boring when the fillers started coming out and awesome your favorite anime is awesome i watched it and it's so funny i laugh the whole series. My favorite anime is D.gray-man it has alot of action and it's funny too ^^

DonShuriken Sep 29, 2008

Yeah, another GTO fan. Thanks about the avatar.

Ah I see you like Golden Boy, yes I loved that show it was hilarious, lol what was he saying agian, benkyo benkyo :P

What Love Hina aswell, it was my first anime and I loved it aswell, christmas special was good*snorts*

I finsihed Kenichi yesterday, it was realy good to. Well we certanly have lot of anime in common.

arc666 Sep 29, 2008

Maybe i should but i have a ridiculous amount of things to watch right now and getting them does take time and money.

AkumaSama Sep 29, 2008

lol one you got it, it was hillarious right? lol i watch bleach every saturday on adultswim  ^^ what's your favorite anime?