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Hi all. Im a 23 year old first year University student of Informatic from Portugal. In my free time i like to have fun with friends, like playing games and stuff, but mostly play online games cause it always gives us some laughs.Im very active in the sports area and i already played soccer, tennis, swimming, judo and karate, and just recently started to slow down, but i intend to start soccer again in my University team.

Well its really hard to say wat my top 5 are cause there are alot of animes i liked and its hard to say by a special order. Ill just mention some that really marked me for some reason.

1.Great Teacher Onizuka - Hellsing

2.Death Note - One Piece

3.Golden Boy - Love Hina

4.Lovely Complex - Chobits

5.Fate Stay Night - Gungrave

6.Kenichi - Ichigo 100%

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FalseMalevolence says...

Thanks for the welcome, hey I used to play wow! =O

Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue, Warlock, Mage, all at 70, had to quit though, got kinda boring. :(

Sep 29, 2008
AkumaSama says...

i know what you mean naruto got boring when the fillers started coming out and awesome your favorite anime is awesome i watched it and it's so funny i laugh the whole series. My favorite anime is D.gray-man it has alot of action and it's funny too ^^

Sep 29, 2008
DonShuriken says...

Yeah, another GTO fan. Thanks about the avatar.

Ah I see you like Golden Boy, yes I loved that show it was hilarious, lol what was he saying agian, benkyo benkyo :P

What Love Hina aswell, it was my first anime and I loved it aswell, christmas special was good*snorts*

I finsihed Kenichi yesterday, it was realy good to. Well we certanly have lot of anime in common.

Sep 29, 2008
arc666 says...

Maybe i should but i have a ridiculous amount of things to watch right now and getting them does take time and money.

Sep 29, 2008
AkumaSama says...

lol one you got it, it was hillarious right? lol i watch bleach every saturday on adultswim  ^^ what's your favorite anime?

Sep 29, 2008