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Hi all. Im a 23 year old first year University student of Informatic from Portugal. In my free time i like to have fun with friends, like playing games and stuff, but mostly play online games cause it always gives us some laughs.Im very active in the sports area and i already played soccer, tennis, swimming, judo and karate, and just recently started to slow down, but i intend to start soccer again in my University team.

Well its really hard to say wat my top 5 are cause there are alot of animes i liked and its hard to say by a special order. Ill just mention some that really marked me for some reason.

1.Great Teacher Onizuka - Hellsing

2.Death Note - One Piece

3.Golden Boy - Love Hina

4.Lovely Complex - Chobits

5.Fate Stay Night - Gungrave

6.Kenichi - Ichigo 100%

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Habhome Aug 24, 2009

It's nice here. The weather is as unpredictable as usual. And I don't think people are thinking so much about the flu xD Myself I'm on my way to shooting practice any time now.

On your "to visit" list? Awesome. If you ever pass by Västerås, tell me and I'll greet you xD

Thule Aug 23, 2009 scoliosis-free treasurechest that just leaves you a hugh green afro and fun hallucinations..., after you jump into it from a high cliff??? I think we're on too something here....HAH!!! this might be a new markeding-hit... O.K. Let copyright this idea.... we will splitt the profits 50/50 right???

aaAAAAaaaaahhh!!! i've seen it too... loved the episode!!!! if it was lucci instead of luffy, he would have been turned too stone allready or it would just have been one GIANT massacre!!!:P

Right? , or what do you think?

besides that.... how long do you think it will be till luffy starts mastering HAKI...? I belive that it will be a must for luffy to master, before he will be able to enter and survive the ''New World'' and it's challanges!

Thule Aug 23, 2009

he is a good rolemodel after all.....

If your desperatly fighting boredom and falt broke, what do you do?.. step by step!

1 - become a member at a pirateship

2 - wait for the first and best deserted island

3 - find a high cliff and jump off it

4 - dive into the treasurechest below the cliff

5 - befriend the the strange animals populating the island and declear them your treasure.

EURECA... and you have defeated boredom for a while....

sideeffects may include: a huge green afro, halucinations and scoliosis

Thule Aug 23, 2009

he is after all the one and only jack-in-a-box!!!! ;)

Thule Aug 23, 2009

its true that the wielder of the ''Noodle Formal Battlesuit'' and the heir of RAMEN KENPO Wanze, who follow the ''way of the noddlefist'' is one of the weirdest of them,

BUT what about the heremit and protector of ''The island of strange animals'' who lives in a treasurechest, GAIMON!!!!!!