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20 OCT

Time for my once a year blog post. Hurr.

I turned 17 a few weeks ago. I don't really feel any different, to be honest. No-one treats me any different. Well, that one creepy old man at the local pub does. He keeps looking at my ass when I walk past. Its weird and makes me uncomfortable ¬_¬;

I think 18 will be the big one. I'll be able to drink, smoke, etc. Not that I would really do either of those... Alcohol tastes disgusting, and after watching my uncle die from lung cancer, I don't really care to touch cigarettes.

Being able to legally buy porn will be nice though. :lol:

Haven't had much time to watch anime lately, for whatever reason.

Most recently watched Fate/Stay Night, the first episode of the Tales of Phantasia OVA series, and the entirety of Ao no Exorcist and the Tales of Symphonia OVA.

Fate/Stay Night... I didn't really like it all that much. It just didn't click with me. Mostly the art style, but the plot just wasn't very interesting; Heros are summoned with magic to fight in a war, sounds like every two-bit fantasy b-movie ever made, really. 2/5

Tales of Phantasia, well... I never played the games (holding out for the slow but awesome Phantasian Translations), so I don't know any of the characters. But it felt like your typical 'Tales of' story. A cleric, a summoner, a swordsman, and a mage.

I read somewhere that Tales of Phantasia is set 5000 years into the future of Tales of Symphonia, so I'm curious as to how that ties into the story... Also saw a scene with the mana tree and Mint, unsure if that was supposed to be Martel or not. She had the same hair color, but the outfit was different. 4/5

Ao no Exorcist. Ahh, where to start. First off, it was a very interesting plot, for me. The son of Satan, pfft! I also read some of the manga... The anime deviates a helluva lot from it.

Kinda like how the original Fullmetal Alchemist was...

The ending was wacky though, and there were quite a few loose ends left dangling there, so maybe there will be a second season? Hmm. 5/5


Ok now that that is out of my system, lets continue, shall we? I watched the 8 episodes that were out, and the specials, and I eagerly await the last 4. I wonder what ending the anime will follow; Zelos ending, or Kratos ending. It might even decide to conform to however KoR magicked away Zelos' death. (I never played KoR.)

The story so far has been pretty true to the game, though a few small things were different here and there, the most major I suppose being that funky song Colette sung to put the Desians at Balacruf to sleep.

Its really only something fans of the games could watch and understand, or at least someone that did a quick skim of the Aselia synopsis page, though. You have pretty much no backstory or explanation for anything. 5/5

Suddenly mini-reviews

Anyway, I should be playing ToS. I've been meaning to replay it for a while now to aid with a fanfiction I'm planning, but I've neglected it lately... Bye!

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MOJ avatar MOJ
Oct 24, 2011

Aww, i was looking forward to some reference to tsundere in this blog...my recent favorite genre. Oh well, at least you motivated be to stat watching Tales of Phantasia and Symphonia, as well as complete the Ao no Exorcist series (which i hope to do today). The storyline seemed good at first, but it gets too strange and wacky for my tastes further on, however i will continue to watch since i like the characters.

P.S. what is ToS?

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