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NeiniAurora3500 Jan 15, 2012

I'm officially quiting the site (thou it may've seemed obvious as I haven't been online there for 2 days) :D So as of now I will drop the sweet-talk/sugar-coated act.

I do not fucking care what happens there now! At least I can still talk to everyone I want to talk like you, Momiji(or Madoka), Mariko. and the others through this site and steam. Just being outside of Pico's tyranny is a big bonus!

As you've said they don't respect any of the lower staff member's opinions. And its completely obvious with their linking of non-animes! I regret talking on the linker position even for a second. Thou while I was linker I took a look at the staff-only forums. This has happened before in terms of Pico disrespecting the lower members. I never knew how ugly ELF's history was until I saw those threads. As I would be quitting soon. I took screenshots of the major threads under Admin Graveyard as a record and proof of Pico's corrupt ways. Which I can share with you if u want.

Anyways you may've seen back when the site was ELF there were some users who were permantly banned. Azami in particular. The truth to those users was that they were not "trolls" or "spammers" They were doing what we are doing, questioning and giving suggestions to the ways of Pico and ELF's future. Pico at the time seemed to be heavily advertising his other fansites and it was cluttering to the home page. Azami gave suggestions and questioned it. And for that Azami who was an admin at the time was demoted and banned. Then other users who were pissed requested to be banned as well. And Pico bans them without hesitation. They weren't bad users. They were users with opinions who got banned for saying those opinions.

Had I known this I may've quit a lot sooner. no wonder they keep it a secret. It is totally a tyranny. "we're going to change the site to make it how we like it and all the users will agree with us or they'll be banned" Seems that this cycle will repeat itself with us now. And it will repeat again with the new generation of users who come. Pico will eventually turn the site into Disneyland at this rate. And no one will be able to question him. Agree or be banned.

You're right. As a mod and an important part of the community you should've been able to have a say in what happens with the site. Why else would they make you a mod besides monitoring the forums/chat? A member/mod/linker is a title with no real power in the world of Pico's.

I can't have my nest on a dying tree. So I have simply transfered my nest to a more beautiful and stable tree.

It really is sad to leave the site. Why my tree had to burned I won't understand. All I can do is move to a different tree now. If you are leaving the site as well it may be a good idea to get the skype/animeplanet/youtube/steam/etc. names of anyone you still want to keep in touch with. After that I hope to see you on a new tree that won't die so easily. The decision is yours thou. I won't say what you should do.

Madoka Jan 15, 2012

Haha strike witches aint to bad, i actually only felt let down on one thing... season 2 box set WAS set to come out in febuary but has been held back till september >< i waiting for the boxset rather than watching it on the net, it seems more rewarding that way. But its a good anime, does have bits of fan service i wont deny, but weirdly enough it's rated 12 and up lol (didnt know 12 was allowed nudity xD). Well my friend brought it more on request, they wanted to get me something so i gave em some random anime i read nothing about so complete random choices, they got that and im happy ^^

Gojirob was his name, i knew it was something rob xD ye how did his wiki come along then? i personaly thought it was great when i left, though as i said i felt he began adding far to much minor stuff to it but ohwell did it turn out good? :D

Ai i hope it goes well. Really i think it should but of course i cant say for sure. It would be a shame if it back fired and caused more to leave then what would join, i just figure as people watch more shows they wanna discuss more and going to like 10 forums at once is kinda... a pain so i would thought alot are in favor.

NeiniAurora3500 Jan 14, 2012

Oh yes! I'm doing ok. I did become a linker but then I quit because I didn't think about the commitment it required. There's another reason as well I haven't said yet. You'll probally become a mod again if u want. As they'll probally need mods again soon.

Honestly I'm pretty pissed over how things are going on. Its one thing to add some more anime to discuss on a fansite. I was fine with just adding Clannad, Higurashi and Death Note. But now they're trying to add every anime out there making the other animes like Elfen Lied not as powerful on that site. To me its like Pico has it in over his head in trying to make a once one anime-fansite to an all anime website. I go to one of those already and I come to Elfen Lied for Elfen Lied and similar anime like Higurashi.

Also with Pico's reply I was mad over how he treated Commi. Commi spoke what a lot of us were thinking in the thread and then Pico just deletes it and locks the thread! I don't think anything was really resolved which was stubborn on Pico's part. I haven't seen much of Kira's bad site. Thou I've heard from different users that they've had problems with her. With Mariko being demodded as well I don't think Mariko deserved to be demodded. He's upset with the changes as well and is just wants to talk about the issues of the site. Even if he didn't do it the right way at 1st.

The biggest thing for me is that despite what I said in the suggestions Thread I made about Avatar should not be on the site. They linked Avatar (as well as Teen Titans!!??) anyway! So much for the poll being a future change. I just don't know anymore. It isn't an anime site anymore. It shouldn't even be called NyuAnime. Its just random TV now. I refer to this indirectly in a blog I recently made on this site. If u look under my blog-tab.

I've been loyal to the site for 7 months. I've been online almost every single day since joining. Posting on the forums, making friends, etc. I wanted to stick with the site much longer but I can't support these new changes taking place. I don't know if I can come back. I feel that I've been alienated from Pico's ideas. It isn't the site I 1st joined, it isn't the site that has drawn me to visit everyday to discuss Elfen Lied and similar anime, I know that for sure.

Madoka Jan 8, 2012

haha i was gonna reply to you earlier this afternoon but i was low on time so had to now (probberly best as now i got ur 2nd comment in one ^^)

LMAO strike witches is great, its so halerious and i must say its just great simple as, the concept of lacking in ahem lower body clothing is ammusing as its not abused like a ecchi would but they just make funny scenario's from it (just done episode 7, the funniest :P). really great anime so far so glad someone brought it me at xmas :D

as for ELF i agree its good for the site. For a newer member as yourself to see its basically covered all area's says it aswell. I remember one member was making a wiki or something on the show, he did a great job but he was taking it to far filling in like the most weird minor things no one would think of to keep it active, and the site was the same (besides the spam area), as you said, it was expand or stay in a stagment state and die off.

NeiniAurora3500 Jan 7, 2012

Haruhi is pretty awesome. I don't think I was able to fully apriciate Haruhi while I was watching it so it wasn't as good. but once I see the Dissapearance then things should be interesting. Hear from everyone that Steins;gate is great. I would love to watch it soon but there's so much anime I'm already watching/ need to watch lol.