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NeiniAurora3500 Jan 23, 2012

Can't wait! I want to actively get some fun out of my Natasha's blaster alongside another natasha. Around 4:00 (central) my time should be fine.

I'm getting the hang of it! It is pretty fun so far. For the most part my seeds are working fine as well. I'll look into getting a 2 TB external. As that will solve all my storage problems when it comes to extra files.

Otherwise I'll be looking forward to our journey through Rusty Hearts. Btw what level is your Natasha now?

Madoka Jan 20, 2012

hehe no worries, i said before im fine with replies taking time (im never fast either :D)

Ai ELf was a shame but its as you said, dispite the bad happenings you met some good people there, its generally how i see it, i know i met a nice group of people there so in the end some good came from it :) 

Honestly i still dont get why he put up Teen Titans xD im just sitting here trying to think what in the world was going through his head... strange guy xD One can hope that Pico will sit back one day and look at himself and ask himself why he was so harsh...

haha your right there mate, it really is childs reasonsing, no its not reasoning at all, its just childish simple as, there is nothing in saying cuz its his site he can do what he want! He can't yes he might make the site but i see it belongs to the community who use it, after all if no one is using it, then there's no point and the site is taken down, so its the communities aswell, hes just being childishly selfish. (even if you consider yourself better than your members and staff, who are you to say you can do what you want? he sounds like he gone down hill imo).       

lol why did she rage about you chatting in chat and skype? i always use multiple chat toold at once, surely people dont consider it bad? sounds to me like they expect your full attention or they will rage on one xD.      

There the worst staff who let opion of people interfere, unfortunatly if a member if a horrible person and being a prick to people even if its your best friend you should put them in line and even if you have to defend your worst enemy its all part of being a moderator, sounds like she wasnt to good as one, though truth be told i never thought she would be, i felt she was pushy even whilt only a member.

odd question but what exactly is animebytes? :P Aurora speaks highly of it, i dont mind joining additional sites so wouldnt mind knowing what its like (doubt it will take my love for anime planet away but i could become equally as devoted :D).

haha i doubt many from ELF would blame you from saying all you said, it sounds like Pico could do with reading it first hand imo, well honestly it sounds like he needs it slapping accross his face but ye.

NeiniAurora3500 Jan 16, 2012

Awesome! Big problem is that I normally get on at random times. on Weekdays after school you can expect me to be on anywhere from 4:00 to 9:00 (which would be around 11:00 to 4:00am your time) for an hour of gameplay. If I get on. Probally won't be able to get on today as I have so much school stuff and finals to take care of. But I'll try to get on more later this week. 

Is your character going to be Natasha again? I'll use either my Natasha as well or my 2nd angela when we play together. Which are around level 14, level 10 respectively.

Applied to Animebytes and got accepted :D Going to take some time to get used to the community there. but it looks like a great community. I have a few questions I'd like to ask thou.

Reading through the rules it looks pretty strict but its reasonably strict at least. Seems like I need to be careful there. Otherwise the rules there are better and there's no chance of American cartoons getting uploaded like what happened on ELF.

Would it be possible to import your myanimelist/ animeplanet list to the list feature on the site? It doesn't say anywhere if you can import anything. I don't want to readd all the anime I've watched. Thou If you can't I guess I'll just link myanimelist/animeplanet to my signature.

Also sounds like you need to upload torrents to the site to keep your account and download slots in good standing. Is it fine to just post in the forums and talk in chat for awhile?

Madoka Jan 15, 2012

lol perrine annoyed me aswell xD she's a bitch in the final episodes (exception to the last) as she has no sense of responsibilty but meh.

As for ELF... looking at what you and Aurora said (and bits i read from your chats) its going bad... real bad, honestly it seems like Pico is turning into a overlord and throwing weight around unfairly without listening to his users... the people who make the site, as with everything theres no site without members right? (as with anime, theres no anime if theres no fans). It's a shame he's throwing the last elfen lied site away and he's loosing some good members, i must say though, where the heck did he think about adding Avatar and Teen Titans from? it's kinda leaving anime as a whole behind not just elfen lied!                

its sad to see the shot that site so quickly. But for Kira to rage on people if mean, i knew he/she always had a temper though, when i was 'fading' from the site (became a minor user sorta thing) when i read Kira's posts they always seemed really... blunt and strict even to new people acting like he/she was better than everyone and looking down on everyone, i think thats totally unfair.   And if that is how the mod's was treated it's a true shame, mods are there to of course mointor and keep order (keep rules in place) but to also voice there opinions on improvements and let members voices get heard, sounds like as you said, mod's was just pawns to nod and stand by the true rulers.    

It seems Aurora has left already, i dont blame him if im honest, sounds tough, i was considering stopping by to say hi but after reading whats going on i think im better avoding that site =/ i understand how you feel, its a shame to leave the community, try messaging some people who you enjoy and see if any have alternate contact methods to keep intouch (though it's never the same as a group chat i must admit)

NeiniAurora3500 Jan 15, 2012

ELF was good for that as well for me. I made some great friends on there. It was indirectly thanks to EL that I was able to get an anime planet account as well. Pretty much all of my friends have left or are getting corrupted with the site. As you've said. So there's really no point. We can still talk luckily here.

I looked up animebytes and it says I have to get an account to proceed further. Is it like AP/MAL with streaming services? If so I may join. But it will be hard maintaining 3 lists. I'd like more communities to join anyway. After leaving ELF a good replacement wouldn't hurt.

And yes I still play Rusty Hearts. I haven't been on as much recently as I've been busy with school and stuff. But yes it would be fun to play with you on West server! I hope to get back into it soon. I have every character along with 2 Angelas that I'm working on. all with different varaiations of my name Aurora. With Angela being my main.

Wow amen for typing your reply on the Iphone. Dunno how you got all of that on here. That would b too hard for me lol.