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Hi im Abbi i am 13,live in Pensylvania,and luv anime!I luv all kind of anime!I like soccer!I draw often and like to speak to people!Send me a message or become my friend dont just stand there looking at this profile like a freak!Anyway so if ure wondering about the name its just me i like strawberries,yuki=snow,and i hav always wanted to be a vampire idk y?= D i like my pic no matter wht no1 says about it! So shutup!My fav movies r darkness and Christmas in Handcuffs luv tht one!Oh and other then anime my fav shows r Fullhouse,What i like about u,and...well....idk what else^ ^ My taste in music is pretty good 2 ilike Linkin Park,Utada Hikaru,My Chemical Romance,and Tokyo Rose...if u would like 2 suggest anything else tht would b cool!= D!!!!!

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wolfangel87 May 16, 2008

It is from Ayashi no ceres!!!!  ^_^

wolfangel87 Apr 3, 2008

I would love too!  Umm lets see, I am a college student living in California.  I am currently studying history and classics.  My favorite thing to do is travel and I am obsessed with COFFEE!!!!!

bvincent Apr 3, 2008

wicked avatar , where'd you get it from?

wolfangel87 Apr 2, 2008

I find all of my pictures just by looking around the web a bit.  I usually like seeing what is on deviant art too!  :)

wolfangel87 Feb 12, 2008

GREAT NAME!!!!!!!!!

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