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I'm an absolute Anime-niac who watches anime all day from morning to night, every day of the week. I am mainly using this site to keep track of which ones I've watched and to find out how much of my life has been used on watching anime. I plan to someday do reviews for anime that I have watched, but that probably is still a ways away in the future.


How I use the Status System:

Watched: As it should be used, I have finished watching all episodes.

Watching: I am currently watching this on a daily basis.

Want to Watch: I have seen / heard about this and find it interesting. I will pick it up whenever I finish another anime.

Stalled: I have started this and do not dislike it, but something else caught my eye and I just kind of stopped watching this. I plan to return to this sometime in the future to finish.

Dropped: I have started this but it is either not to my tastes or unwatchable for one of several reasons at the moment. I do not plan to return to this.

Won't Watch: I have seen / heard about this but I don't plan on trying it out for a long time if ever. 

How I use the Rating System:

0.5 Star - Saving this rating for when I feel the need to find the creators of the anime and burn their studio down write them a strongly worded angry letter because it was absolutely atrocious and a disgrace to the word anime. (This may just be impossible for anime...)

1.0 Star - Given to anime on my absolutely must avoid list. These animes will leave a bad taste in your mouth for months and you are better off never even hearing about them.

1.5 Star - Given to anime that I highly recommend avoiding. Everyone has their own tastes but I severely doubt anyone could like this. It is bad for reasons besides personal taste such as terrible animation or voice acting, etc.

2.0 Star - Given to anime that I strongly disliked but it might just not be my cup of tea. There might just be someone out there who would really enjoy this, so I won't tell you to go out of your way to avoid it.

2.5 Star - Given to anime that I disliked but don't necessarily regret watching. I feel my time would have been better spent on another anime, but it was still better than not watching anything.

3.0 Star - Given to anime that I wouldn't exactly give props to but was not poorly made. It might just not be my kind of story or maybe it's just not the best anime ever created.

3.5 Star - My baseline for anime that I neither strongly liked nor disliked.

4.0 Star - Given to anime that I would gladly give some props too. Well made, good story, animation, etc. Wouldn't exactly watch it again for the hell of it some day but it probably got me in high spirits after watching and I'd recommend to my friends.

4.5 Star - Given to anime that I truly enjoyed and felt my time well spent. Major props go out to these animes and I recommend to anyone to take the time to sit down and watch it. (If it's within your age range kiddies ;]) I likely have already gone back and watched these to cheer me up when I'm down or just because I'm feeling nostalgic. I often finding myself looking for other works from the same creators when an anime gets this rating.

5.0 Star - On my top anime ever watched and absolutely must see some day lists. These are the best of the best that I have found and I rarely give this rating to any anime. I sometimes even go back and take the rating down a notch if I decide it didn't quite deserve it. I'll probably try to only let 10 anime have this rating on my list, but depending on how many deserve it I might raise that some day.

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