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Guess I need to write something interesting here,huh?

Nothing in mind right now!!!

I like to make friends,so just ask me something and we could talk for ages ;)

I like to watch anime as you can already see since I'm here in the first place,and I like to make anime walls and such..I have a site on and so if you too have an account there,please tell me :)

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Lantzen says...

Ohh, ok well think there is some in there that is really good. But then you maybe don't like those kind of animes, so why bother ^^

And im wating for the subbed episode too, just some more hours and it will probaly be out :D

Also noticed that you had watched Bastard!! Have been trying forever to find it but haven't, do you remember who subbed it or where you got it ? 

Sep 28, 2008
Lantzen says...

Why so many "Won't Watch" ? ^^

And nice avatar, Code Geass is my favorite anime

Sep 28, 2008
busylizzie says...

oh well rewatch the whole thing 30 seconds a day and the movie will be out before you know it ! hmmm ..... maybe i absolutely love it but i bet soon i'll watch something even better and change my mind ....

Sep 28, 2008
busylizzie says...

Aww ! Well maybe they'll ,make another series ?

Sep 28, 2008
busylizzie says...

Hi Code Geass Fan <3 I would like to watch this anime

Sep 28, 2008