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Guess I need to write something interesting here,huh?

Nothing in mind right now!!!

I like to make friends,so just ask me something and we could talk for ages ;)

I like to watch anime as you can already see since I'm here in the first place,and I like to make anime walls and such..I have a site on and so if you too have an account there,please tell me :)

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Iggy Sep 28, 2008

Thx it is from Ergo Proxy a robot called Iggy.It's whare I got my name to. If you like anime that lets you think a bit it very good. I like your avatar to Code Geass is so cool and i am just off to see Ep 25 as well. I see you have not seen death note yet why?? if you like the mind games in code geass you will love death note!

Kaste Sep 28, 2008

Hey there!

whats your favorite anime??

busylizzie Sep 28, 2008

That is alot of things! I'll check it out ,it sounds like my kinda thing ! Hee he they are very funny :)

Well I cried a hell of alot when I watched it, maybe its moving or maybe Im a baby Im not sure ... I think it is very sad but very beautiful too. You've watched Clannad and Air so if you liked them you'll like it but its still very sad.

busylizzie Sep 28, 2008

I see you're watching Fullmoon wo sagashite and Tokyo mew mew...I love those shows,finished the first one just recently...Do you like them too?

I borrowed the Fullmoon manga from a friend and I loved it so I decided to check the anime out, its a bit different but i like it and the opening is so catchy !

I decided to watch tokyo mew mew cause I'd been watching dramas like myself;yourself and I wanted something fun so far its I love it too !

What are watching at the moment ?

Keitaro004 Sep 28, 2008

Hi! Well, they don't sell any Anime here in Norway either, but that doesn't stop me from getting any! I order stuff from Ebay, CDJapan and Amazon Japan. Sometimes even games. And you know... Anime from Japan is pretty expensive. Something like 40$ for one DVD. But since dollars are much cheaper to buy now, I can afford it! Yay! And you live outside of the USA too, so buying dollars should be pretty cheap for you.

Oh, and also, thanks! Nice profile you too. That lady (or is it a man?) on your avatar picture looks really cool^^ Hmmm... Do you love Action Anime? Since your Anime-list is full of it XD