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Guess I need to write something interesting here,huh?

Nothing in mind right now!!!

I like to make friends,so just ask me something and we could talk for ages ;)

I like to watch anime as you can already see since I'm here in the first place,and I like to make anime walls and such..I have a site on and so if you too have an account there,please tell me :)

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Lantzen says...

Haha, it have took until now to get Bastard!! down, and now when i started watching it wasnt english subs xD My hunt will continue

Sep 30, 2008
busylizzie says...

In some shops you can like borders or hmv but its mostly mainstream, ebay is great !!  I mostly watch anime online though

Sep 30, 2008
StillxDoll says...

I wish Kallen died ¬ ¬ she just annoys me C.C was a much better choice for lulu^^ maye if someone else did die then lulu's death wouldn't have been as emotional as it was but if it was kallen i'd be ok^^

Sep 30, 2008
TheDarkFangirl says...

Thank you :D

Of yourse you can go to the Dark Side xD But i wont let you all yaoi!! Its mine mine MINE! :D *Gets DVDs and running*  (Ok no, yaoi its for everyone ^-^ :o*)

Sep 30, 2008
Keitaro004 says...

Yeah, but don't you want to buy the DVD's of a show, if you really liked it? I mean, since the DVD's usually have a lot of extras and a BOX to contain all the volumes too. But I guess you're right. It's better to buy Key-chains, posters, games and such^^

Hmm... That guy looks a bit 'mecha' for me. His eye is red! But It really looks and sounds like a cool Anime, so I'll be sure to watch it!

Sep 29, 2008