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While the profile states that I joined this site in the year of 2007, I came here back in... 2002, perhaps?

I remember finding this place through Direct Connect and the related hubs. I started out with the nick of "Eliason" but eventually changed into this instead. I was so teased. I never should've gotten this nick ;) Anyway, after some years of constant occupation in the APN chats, I got into scanlation and suddenly became busy. I've always been a stalker around the chats, however, and can be seen in the dark corners, lurking about.

I started watching anime at a LAN because some people forced me to watch Love Hina after I stated that anime was just a bunch of squeeky Chinese people, and everything was pokemon crap. While they still are squeeky, they made me interested in animation and the language. So right now I mostly dedicate my life to this crap, translating, editing and talking about it (mostly manga these days, however).

Those days on the LAN, I watched a marathon of probably five longer series, filled my harddrives, and watched even more as soon as I got home. That I have seen a lot since then, too, is probably noticeable by my "watch-o-meter"

I'm a "nice guy" (with random foulness), interested in computer programming, designing and everything web.

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OneiChan Aug 23, 2007

Ooi! Your avatar is so kawaii! I enjoyed reading your profile too, but it may almost be trumped by the avatar :p I am also impressed with how little anime you have dropped. I haven't really "dropped" a single series, and where it has laid the path to me watching a couple crap series that is okay with me. I just find that many good anime don't pick up in the beginning and you have to give them time. If I had dropped too many series within the first several episodes I would have missed out on a whole score of divine titles. 

tetra Aug 20, 2007


Random user tales me to the mot unexpected people ;)

Consider yourself befriended, we longtime hubbers and swedes need to stick together. 

Reawen Aug 1, 2007

Hahaha I'm glad your friends set you straight and put you on the path to otaku! ^_^ (refering to your comment: "I stated that anime was just a bunch of squeeky Chinese people, and everything was pokemon crap")