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The Beginning of a Brand New Day

25 SEP

Hello all, first and foremost, my name is Daniel; I'm 23, love long-distance running, food of all cuisines and instrumental music. Oh, and obviously anime and manga and all that jazz... Secondly, if you don't have the fortitude to read a very long first blog entry then do not cross the line below. This is so the intro can get out of the way and my plans for future blogs can be more focused and thorough instead of constantly going back and forth to my life. Thirdly, I'm a sport & exercise science student aiming to become a biomechanist or furthering my education to become a doctor and/or surgeon. Fourthly, because of my ambitions mentioned above, I have found a university which focuses only on sport & exercise science. There are a handful of these around the world however, the one found in Tokyo specialises in biomechanics and the culmination of studies, cultural interest and travelling experiences has made me focus on this one in particular. The plan is to continue my post-grad work there whilst experiencing Japan for what it is.


So what sparked my interest in anime? As an Australian where spiders are so big they have life bars and the locals gain xp with each kill so they can ride their kangaroos to work, our presence to anime is very limited, almost to the point where it's either you are aware and watch anime, or you have no -blam-ing idea what it is. I guess most people of my generation can relate to the very generic and kiddy animes of Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Evangelion as being their first exposure to anime. This is true to me as well. It was Dragon Ball which I was first exposed to and then Pokemon since it was on TV before I went to school every morning. Ever since the age of 13-ish, my taste in anime has expanded and now I'll pretty much watch anything once...


So let's start the bulk of this first entry with a little background on why I've started this blog. About 3 months ago my cousin mentioned to me that he had come into possession of 1.14TB of anime and considering that I had just spent nearly $1000 increasing my anime collection (I'll download anime for free but the absolute favourites I will gladly spend money on), I definately had to get it. So up went the 3rd 2TB hard drive and 1 week later I had my hands on so much anime I didn't know what to do with.

After watching many series I thought to myself that some of the reviews on this site (which I have relied on for recommendations) were good and all but not that fantastic. Sorry to those who have reviewed them and may see this as flaming, I assure you it's not. So, the plan for this blog is to start reviewing the animes in my backlog as much as I can and if people like them, then let me know and I'll start submitting those reviews. Just so you know, this first entry won't include detailed reviews due to the sheer amount of anime I'm covering and letting you know where I'm at and going.


So let's start with what I'm currently watching:

  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu ni (Streamed)

How do you spell disappointed? This series had so much potential in terms of content and previous success but it either didn't live up to the previous success or focused too much on a certain arc. The study inn arc didn't need to be 5 episodes long as I think most people agree that this show is at it's funniest when Akihisa is oblivious to his antics and actions regarding Minami and Mizuki since we all know we don't watch it for the "Magic" tag it loosely has. However, the summoned being system is what makes this show different from all the other love triangle, school life animes. Kudos to the writers for that aspect. Side note, favourite character is Shoko. YouTube "Water Demon"

  • Omamori Himari (Hard Drive)

I started this series the other night and halfway through I can safely see that this is a very generic anime which seems like it's been written by a random script generator. Insert values "Youkai, ecchi and lost memories" and you only need refinement for this show. However, I do appreciate the reverse good vs evil motif. Yuuto's family and their history, Himari's borderline overprotectedness and Rinko's ever-growing love rivals is what this show makes it fun to watch. It will be interesting to see what unfolds concerning Yuuto's latent power and the decisions he'll have to make concerning Himari's nature and the other 11 Demon Slayer families.

  • Kamisama no Memo-chou (Downloaded)

I have been putting off this show so much that it hurt when the final episode was released. N.B: Animes that are currently being released which I look forward to, I will try to wait until the final episode is aired in Japan and download all the raws and watch them almost in one sitting. Due to mid-semester exams and assignments I have been unable to watch this show back-to-back however I plan to finish this within a couple of days as I have nothing but praise, admiration and expectation for this show. 4 episodes in and I can't tell you how hard it is to think of another show which can be related to this or has similar elements. Interesting, original plot? CHECK. Intriguing, captivating OP? CHECK. Characters that can develop and engage the viewer? CHECK. With almost half of the seiyuu working together on Yumekui Merry, and the other half and production staff relatively new, I can see that this show will be very interesting in terms of development as the series continues.

So that's what I'm watching at the moment. Next we'll quickly list what I plan on watching or am nervously excited about and after that I'll quickly show what I've recently watched as well as what I've watched from the hard drive.


What I want to watch:

  • Boku wa Tomadachi ga Sukunai
  • Fate/Zero
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos
  • Guilty Crown
  • Mirai Nikki
  • Shakugan no Shana III
  • Steins;Gate

Mirai Nikki is one of the best mangas I've read and I really can't wait to see how the adaptation fares against it's predecessor. Same can be said with Boku Tomadachi, manga wasn't on the same level as Mirai Nikki but still enjoyable. Shakugan no Shana is a great series and after a little bit of repetition early on in Season Two, I would love to see what eventuates between Yuuji and Shana, and whether or not he'll continue fighting. Guilty Crown I have absolutely no expectations or predispositions as of yet but judging from it's tralier, it seems like a little bit of a cross between Ghost in the Shell and To Aru Majutsu no Index. All of these need to be streamed/downloaded but in relation to those on the hard drive, I'll watch whatever sounds good or whatever sounds bad so I can get it out of the way. See Kampfer, Ikkitousen, and Queen's Blade.


Onto what I've watched (this is going to be a long one):

  • Angel Beats! (Hard Drive)
  • Kanon (2006) (Hard Drive)
  • Ladies versus Butlers! (Hard Drive)
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha inc. A's & StrikerS (Hard Drive)
  • School Days (Hard Drive)
  • Seitokai no Ichizon (Hard Drive)
  • Seto no Hanayome (Hard Drive)
  • Sora no Otoshimono inc. Forte(Hard Drive)
  • To Love-Ru inc. Motte (Hard Drive)
  • Trinity Blood (Hard Drive)
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Hard Drive)
  • Vandread inc. Second Stage (Hard Drive)
  • Yumekui Merry (Hard Drive)

So, what did I enjoy? Angel Beats! was a very recommendable show to watch and it clearly showed exactly why the radio show was so successful. The plot was original, characters were engagable, music suited the situations perfectly, the adaptation was flawless yet there was that one thing missing which stopped it from becoming a truly memorable anime. I don't know if was the hype others had placed upon it for me or if it was the short season, granted it couldn't really expand original storyline, but for me this will be placed in the "Great anime" pile. Side note. Download the complete OST from bakabt.com and you'll thank me later or YouTube "Unjust Life", "Theme of SSS" and "Ichiban no Takaramono". These 3 songs make the show itself and Theme of SSS is currently a ringtone. Why Yui?

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Those first two words automatically made me shun this show as it is the worst genre anybody could ever think of. Okay yaoi wins but Magical Girl has a little window of viewing opportunity. After watching the first two of the three I was left with nothing. No real plot development or suspense or focal point to draw you in further made me cringe at the massive 26 episodes remaining for StrikerS. 13 episodes you can push through, 26 is tough on the mind. To my amazement, I was completely immersed in the story and characters in StrikerS. Nanoha is the Ace of Aces despite being outranked in both military and magical abilities by Hayate, this left a distasteful sensation but with some research, elaboration in-anime and manga reading I find out why. I like to think that StrikerS was enjoyable in comparison to the other two largely because we see Nanoha mature and enrage both as a person and magically, Fate and Hayate shun their critics and absolve their previous misdeeds, as well as our four new members display power, ambition and courage far beyond their physical and magical limitations. Side note, to those who have seen it and would like to comment; Do you think Nanoha reached Rank SSS during the final encounter? If not, do you think she would've in the future? If not again, do you think she will?

Seitokai no Ichizon. This is actually a show I listened to before watching the anime and I absolutely adored the radio program. The anime did no discredit to the radio show and I'm glad the witty, quick jokes weren't missed. So many mentions of anime, so many "What the -blam- are you doing Ken?" moments. Still, the best part of it was this. This level of humour was pretty much the standard. Want more laughs, less school? Seitokai no Ichizon. Want slightly less laughs but from more school situations? Seitokai no Yakuindomo.

What did I dislike? Ladies versus Butlers! was horrible. It was worse than horrible but I give credit to XEBEC, you target a certain clique in anime taste and you are masters at that, nothing more. Motte to Love-Ru; how do you make a sequel that has almost no original script? It's just the same rehashed. Now that was a pain to get through and last but not least Umineko no Naku Koro ni. What an awesome OP! and that's pretty much all I have to praise about Umineko. Higurashi is still one of my all-time favourites but Umineko lacked what Higurashi got right. Higurashi was able to reproduce similar arcs and plotlines with varying subtleties but still enough to lure the viewer and make it enjoyable. Umineko just lost that appeal. Still haven't played the Umineko game but maybe it was one too many? Side note, I hate you Battler...


As a whole I reckon that pretty much sums up all that I have to say. I'm glad the first entry is out of the way and done. For those who are going to follow this, please note that most of the entries will not even get close to this length but what have I got planned for future entries?

  • Review of recently watched series
  • Updates on currently watching series
  • Interesting features of watched series
  • Top 4 lists (cos Top 5 lists suck)

If you have any comments, opinions, recommendations or requests, please don't hesitate. How would I know to improve without feedback? For those watching the same shows as I am at the same time, let me know what you think as sometimes I tend to be too judgemental and lose that unbiased perspective.

So I leave you with this;

"Most of us are not as happy or as miserable as we think we are; the important thing is not to get bored with living your life or having hopes."


Sticks avatar Sticks
Oct 10, 2011

It's tough to find the time recently to write my next blog however, it is going to be written within the next 5 days since all my favourite shows are now released.

'Til the new post, keep on keeping on.

Sticks avatar Sticks
Sep 26, 2011

Well we don't really call them special attacks since everytime they attack they do critical hits anyway but no mana bars, I'm glad they can't use mana.

The aim of this blog is to improve my reviews so I can publish them on this site so I'm going to be writing a review about the anime I watch and if it substantial enough, then move onto publishing them. Of course there'll be the randomness everybody loves in blogs but that's the aim.


Thank you so much for pushing through the wall of text. I really do appreciate those who do take the time to read and understand other people's opinions.

MOJ avatar MOJ
Sep 25, 2011

Well i managed to live through your blog here, and it wasn't a bad read. Spiders have health bars in Australia? I was under the impression they have mana bars and special attacks too :P Naw i kid but yeah i know what you mean when you mean big bugs.

What i didn't quite understand is that are you planing to write actual reviews for the anime or are you going to write blogs about the anime?

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