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NoCheerios avatar NoCheerios


Jan 11, 2011

Hey man, hentai game or not, both School Days and Yosuga were bad anime, and you know it XPP

Also, sakujo means "eliminate" or "delete", right(just brushin up on my japanese :P)?

galacticdude7 avatar galacticdude7


Dec 31, 2010

By the looks of things there will be four extra episodes, but this site will probably list them as an OVA instead of a part of the show. My past experiences with OVAs like this is that they usually function as extra stand alone episodes, but it could also be a continuation of the story, maybe with some material that they couldn't show on TV.

galacticdude7 avatar galacticdude7

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 30, 2010

Well I'll give you credit for backing up your arguement, even though you could have put it in nicer terms. I still say that Kirinos a bitch, not just because she's mean, but because any affection that she does have for her brother is quickly drowned out by it. Yes I get she's jealous of Manami, but just being mean to her is not the right move there. On finishing the series, I already have. I never review an anime if I haven't finished it. As for rewatching it, I think I'll pass. As it is I have very little time to spend watching an anime once, let alone twice. However thank you for taking the time to respond to my review, I rarely get comments that go as in depth as yours.

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