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Jul 21, 2012

Story: 2/10

In a world where no matter how many times you're shot, you always have time for a speech, Gungrave is a story that's been told a million times and this time was no better than the last. Gungrave is an anime about the mafia, it's an anime about the dangers of ambition and it's a pretentious moral story that I've grown so tired of. How many gangster movies with this exact plot line have been made? Sure this time we added a bit of sci-fi to mix it up but the base is the same. However Gungrave had aspects that were one thousand times more disgusting than any other gangster movie I have ever seen, it was so much more boring and so unimpressive. I know better now, to avoid all 10/10 sothis reviews but I didn't watch it because of that review, I watched it because there didn't seem to be any complaints about it. I should have known better.. I am going to explain the faults in this anime, while I will use spoilers they won't be anything you couldn't predict from a few episodes in. On that note, I also recommend you skip the 1st episode, I have no fucking clue as to why they decided to put a whole bunch of spoilers in the first episode but it made an already predictable anime just that much more predictable. I could give reasons why they might have thought it was a good idea, all of them are bad and unworthwhile but reasons nonetheless, I suggest if you do want to watch Gungrave no matter what, skip the first episode, stop reading this review and try it out for yourself.

The two main characters were the only ones that had any semblance of detail in their character design, all others are complete clichés in one form or another. Brandon is an unintelligent half-mute who only wants to protect and do what's best for his friends, he came with Harry to conquer the "mafia" organization, instead because "Big Daddy" (LOL) the mafia boss showed him a little kindness, he practically becomes obsessed with showing loyalty towards the organization, towards what end is irrelevant he doesn't really care. Harry never forgets his dream of being free, which to him means having unlimited power. He doesn't share Brandon's obsession with being loyal to the organization and from hence forth, drama ensues. 

Unless you didn't know that the mafia isn't a serial killer group who border insanity and don't care about anything, you won't learn anything about the mafia in this anime. For me, watching Gungrave was a complete waste of time and I regret it, I skipped through the last episodes to ensure my general predictions weren't going to be off and then wrote this review. Once again my faith in humanity is dwindling as I saw that I am the first to write a negative review about Gungrave, what the hell is wrong with you people?

Animation: 3/10

I particuarly hated Gungrave's animation, the long pointy noses and chins; it was as if to emphasis the ugliness of humans. Everything about how the human face was portrayed in this anime pretty much annoyed me. There was a lot of laziness when dealing with backgrounds and details, so all I have to go on is the boring, plain scenery and the ugly human faces. While there were some film noir elements to this anime, they seldom came and when they did, they were elementary. Nothing really redeeming about it.

Sound: 6.5/10

I hated OP and I didn't mind ED, OST was okay, Voice acting was okay. I think some people may really enjoy the OST but it wasn't my sort of thing, but it did everything I thought it needed to so rating won't be too low.

Characters: 4/10

Originality: None

Interest: None

Character Design: Poor

Character Development: Predictable, Dull and Overdone

I only give 4 because some characters were still okay for me, such as Bungi and Harry. I think most about what I have to say here has already been said. 

Overall: 2.5/10

 The least enjoyable anime I have ever watched, while animes like School Days and Another were really bad, Gungrave had no redeeming features at all. I cannot believe that there is absolutely no aspect of this anime that I enjoyed. I enjoyed one 30 second scene I think, that's about it. I think the apart from everything I have mentioned already, serving as the main reasons, I also think that while the Japanese may enjoy these "western style" anime, I always look towards anime to bring me something different than what American movies always do. I should probably keep this in mind for the next anime I watch, let the Americans do American, anime should stick to what it does best.

2/10 story
3/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
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Panta Jul 18, 2013

No character design? You sure you were watching "Gungrave"?

Looking at some of the great anime you've given half a star to, or just low ratings where you praise stuff like Naruto, I have a hard time accepting your judgment is at all cogent.

Gungrave was outstanding in its writing - all aspects of it. The relationship of Harry and Brandon, Harry's rise and descent. In fact, the characters were so well written that I was actually empathetic towards the tertiary characters as well. Even when minor characters died I felt sad.

By the way, this is an alternate universe; this isn't about the mafia but a criminal organization called Millenium who perform, in secret, experiments with genetic mutation. Oh yeah, the real world doesn't have undead monsters, kind of gives away the whole alternate world thingy.

What do you look for in anime? Because it definitely isn't depth and great writing.

StevenSAKUJO Jun 9, 2013

I never said I liked Bungi protecting Harry, I only liked Bungi because he fit his cliche very well. I didn't rate Gungrave badly simply because it had predictable characters and plot, I pretty much hated every aspect of the anime. Also Naruto wasn't nearly as predictable as Gungrave, not because of the plot but simply because I didn't know "how" the plot was gunna take place, like how fights would be fought/won and it was well done. However in Gungrave I knew what was gunna happen, how it was gunna happen and I didn't like how it happened and it wasn't well done. I don't get how u could think my logic is inconsistent. 

DarkMac Jun 1, 2013

1. You didn't like Brandon protecting... but you did like Bungi protecting power Hungry Harry?

2. You say that the story and characters were already told, predictable and boring. Same goes for Naruto, yet there you go with high review score.

That said, in my opinion your logic is inconsistent mr.

Although I must agree to not watch the first episode, since it is almost repeated later.

cerpintaxt Jan 7, 2013

You really hated it that much huh ? I'm surprised you watched all of it.