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Ghost Hound

Jul 5, 2012

Story 4/10

Ghost Hound is a strange anime, however to what section of this review I can attribute this to I'm unsure. The storyline is quite vague, it's almost episodic because it's so vague, but it's very blatant at times yes but it's so simplistic that I don't know where to put everything. Miyako is a girl with shamanistic powers, she acts as a vessel for gods and spirits to communicate to the real world, a dying religion/cult who's leader just perished suffers from having no new leader as Makoto hates his grandmother. They try to steal Miyako so that she can revive their dying religion. However three teenagers, Makoto, Masayuki and Taro begin to discover their own powers in the so called "unseen world" and they intervene to save Miyako. However very few episodes are really devoted to relevant plot points to this main storyline, most of the time is swallowed up by the slow pace of the anime. Some episodes are long explanations of things that have little overall relevance to the split, sometimes we stray off into a big sub-story line and take out of it only a tiny bit of information regarding the main plot. In this sense, it's like sagas or episodic, not really a wholesome plot for me.

Character development although a lot of time was spent on it, didn't really go anywhere interesting.. The end results could be predicted from introductions to the characters, on one side the story line had sensationalistic aspects, like spies and thugs but on then it also had very mundane and uneventful aspects. At the end of it all, I knew what I saw was nothing like a mindf*ck, nor a psychological, not even close to a horror... but what had I seen? A slice of life with a strange tiny sub-plot that some people may think is the main one. However even as a slice of life, it wasn't funny, dramatic or interesting. Characters were just there, they didn't necessarily exist for any reason yet they were mundane. The finale didn't make much sense and there were a lot of plot holes, but the end explanation seemed so half-assed that to say the main plot was actually a side plot wouldn't be a stretch, for me, these two objectives conflicted, slice of life + psychological mindf*ck don't mix at all.

Animation 6/10

I have been trying to be more critical of animation instead of just saying "miyako and taro were so kawaii!! Motoko looked sooo cool!" I am going to try to look at it comparitvely. Was the animation good? Yeah it was, but it was also boring and plain. The depiction of the "unseen world" was very uninteresting, such ideas give you space to go crazy but instead it was very dull and safe. The spirits were just transparent flying bugs, Snark was the only remotely creative construction in this entire anime, if the anime wanted to go towards creating a colorful, inspirational and chaotic mindf*ck then the animation was the first place to start. And in asserting the "slice of life" component, it was just as plain and mundane as the story-line. The anime can't avoid depicting the story, otherwise it would be just a black screen, this anime depicted the story but it did absolutely nothing more. When it comes to "I like how the Characters cried" or "I liked how **** looked", there's nothing beyond it, and the rest of it is just subjective.

Sound 5.5/10

I didn't mind OP, I didn't mind OST I guess, a lot of it was very invisible and irrelevant, faded into the back ground. Sieryuu's didn't do a bad job at all though, some were pretty good. I don't think music was really meant to play a big role in this anime and so I won't critique it too heavily, especially since I'd need to youtube the OST to completely remember what they did with it, and this anime's not worth that dedication.

Characters 7.5/10

Okay so I submit, some of the characters were a little interesting, while their finales were rather anti-climactic there were some deep ideas thrown around. While for most of them I didn't sympathize well, and such as Miyako's had her insecurities been thrown into a character where they were more abstract, it would have been sick. However feeling scared of losing control of yourself and going through an identity crisis when you're being "possessed" is kind of natural. Makoto was the only character with some real depth, the rest were very dominated by one or two ideas.

Overall 4.5/10

My rule is that anything I bothered to watch to the end gets 5/10 at least, however I watched this through to the end because I wanted to write a review on it. I was also interested as to what path the anime would take in the end; slice of life or mindf*ck, you know like a NGE ending but it was pretty shit. If I hadn't had pedophilic feelings for Miyako and Taro, I'd probably give the anime 3/10 and those 3 points would go to the limited but existing, psychological scenes that actually barely interested me because they were too short but showed promise. I don't recommend watching this anime no matter who you are, but I will also concede that the anime has a nice flow that you can kind of get swept away on if your mind is at 10% capacity, so yeah, that's my charity comment.

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4/10 story
6/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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Marceus Jul 5, 2012

This series was pretty disapponting for me. It started out kind of interesting, but it felt like they just decided to go in a totally different direction half way through... It just ended up being a dull and forgettable.