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Deadman Wonderland

Feb 27, 2012

Deadman Wonderland

Story: 3/10

Ganta, a 14 year old kid is the sole survivor of a massacre that killed all of his classmates, these murders are pinned on him and he is forced to go to a privately owned prison that sports violent game shows with its residents. Deadman Wonderland is another social experiment/violent flick that plagues the more darker side of American movies. The prison facilitates the inherent evil nature of human beings, the shows sole purpose to display depraved, sadistic and selfish acts under the should-be-interesting-but-isn't genre of psychological thriller. While the show's violence doesn't touch Higurashi's and it would take a very sheltered mind to be offended by the anime, it doesn't change that the story line is the real facilitator here, for greedy anime-makers to get the depraved violence-loving viewers to watch their stuff without much effort. 

This manga was probably written by some violence-inspired teenagers, however, all I have being try to say is that if you are craving some rly good anime, this isn't for u. Yet as far as trash goes, this is quite watchable... I myself have very high standards for anime yet I got through this to the end without feeling unexpressable rage and so it must have some redeeming factors. I could list these but I won't, all i'll say is I wouldn't hate someone who liked this show, unlike those who praise Bleach and Code Geass, blissfully unaware of how bad the shows are from an analytical pov.

Animation: 8/10

Violence juxtaposed against cuteness, something i've not yet not seen from a violent anime. However being able to admire how cute a character can be is never a bad thing when the content itself is uninteresting, the animation really saved the anime in a lot of ways in my opinion. However if you are someone who resists the cuteness and wants to know whether the animation has any other redeeming features then, no, it doesn't.. but my review, my opinion and i give 8.

Sound: 7/10

Pretty decent OP, decent OST too but no real impact for me, the reason this section is highly rated is the 3rd most significant saviour for this anime. The voice acting was well done, an anime's ability to drag me into a story is not totally dependant on the story itself, it's by the acting.. that's the same with non-animated shows too. I can get sucked in even if story isn't amazing just by relaxing but as soon as I see some really bad plot line or some illogical shit, I wake up and start paying more attention to the show's faults. Nothing does this more efficiently than bad voice acting, while I am not amazed by anything inparticular, the anime is very consistent and that's important to me.

Overall: 6.5/10

The difference between the unwatchable and Deadman Wonderland is the execution, you may really enjoy this show and get drawn into it, but only because the anime does not try to be the best thing you'll ever see. The plot, the acting, the animation, it's all very self-concious and consistent.. as someone who is analytical for me, this was very non-threatening in a way. It's drama is actually hilarious, for example when Humming Bird's mother runs in for the young child with an outstretched arm and instead she picks up the pot plant!! That stuff is epic and I love it, cause we rly don't need some super over-the-top sad story to try and evoke sympathy (and fail regardless of the story they tell). That's what I mean by non-threatening, and that's why I give 6.5/10 instead of 3/10 or somethin bad.

3/10 story
8/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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