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Angel Beats!

Jun 15, 2011

Story [5.5/10]

The unfair and cruel hardships that children had to experience in our world caused them to live unfulfilled lives. The world in which the anime is set exists to provide the carefree childhood experience that they never got, to strive for the dreams they never were able to before. However one girl named Yuri is unable to forgive the life she lived before and rather than seeking to come to terms with what she experienced and moving past it, she instead aims to take revenge against "god". Angel Beats! follows the large band of kids who follow Yuri's feelings and aim to destroy a girl that they call "Angel", who reigns over the world in a mission to pass on the kids into the next world (reincarnation into Earth).

There were some hilarious comedy scenes but it's real virtue was the ability to switch from those scenes to something semi-serious and yet create a totally different atmosphere in a few seconds. Unfortunately it begins to take itself way too seriously towards the later half of the anime. This anime is pretentious and self-important for a message that is so commonly delivered for it to be the main and only theme in a story of any kind is annoying. Life sucks but don't dwell, fight on? I knew that would be the premise of the story to begin with but it took it way too far. They just cry and bitch without any forewarning for 10 mins then recieve a pat on the back and thank everyone for 20 mins and it's done.... how many years have they been in this world anyway? If it had been well done or perhaps toned down a bit then i'd have been happy but this anime goes around bragging about how philosophical it is. Very predictable, completely meaningless and the whole anime undermines itself by being too serious.

Animation [7/10]

It was pretty good but it started to annoy me during the end, the animation is supposed to support the main themes and during the beggining it really did. However towards the end how am I meant to sympathise with these super cute, cool big eyed kids, even if they cry enough tears to fill a sink. It supported the idea that in all honesty, their lives seemed pretty kick ass... they continue to dwell on the past despite the fact that they're dead but really, is it that bad? Hanging out with all ur super cute, cool and interesting friends? The animation was good enough to earn an 9 or so if it had not taken itself seriously. The animation really did a good job in undermining it's already weak premise.

Sound [9/10]

The OP and ED were pretty good, the OST was pretty good too, they carried the anime pretty hard in terms of creating emotional responses. The voice actors had a lot to make up for, to make the non-idiots sympathise with them and believe their story line. Some did an amazing job and others failed but all in all it was acceptable. It did a really good job at the start and at the end well.. it would take quite an ost to save it. It wasn't given much room to work with but nonetheless 9/10 is very good. I don't really know much more to say about it so just decide for yourself.

Characters [3/10]

Some of the worst characters i've seen, I have really high standard of anime so that's not totally bad but all in all, the characters failed the anime. Naoi Ayato and Christ while not at all beliveable were very enjoyable to watch, the rest were disgusting. The only character who achieved any kind of realism or provoked my sympathy was Iwasawa (first singer of girldemo). It's difficult to fathom that I have to critique these characters seriously after how the anime introduced them but by being so self-important, i've been left with no choice. Whether you felt sympathy for their situations or not, despite if you are able to take these characters seriously or not, at the end of the day they are what they are without any reason. If they wanted to show us some horrible nature of the world through this anime, they sure as hell fucked it up cause this doesn't even cover the tip of the ice berg of humanity's crimes and tragedies. If they wanted to inspire us then they fucked it up, regardless of whether their situations were sad or not, if the answer is to accept the current of life and just deal with it then what the hell?... "Yoo don't worry about ur shitty, unavoidable circumstances, all you need to do is wait until you're reborn and then move foward" -_- -_- -_-

Maybe the answer is "Just smile?" I don't know exactly what the message was so perhaps it's safer to assume there was none and it was just a terrible, over-the-top drama? It was just frustrating and annoying to be honest, like a typical psychology uni student trying to explain the meaning and purpose of life to you and in doing so only continously prove their naivety and immaturity. That's about it, I would have prefered not to take them seriously but perhaps this is for the better.

Overall [6.5/10]

When all is said and done I really enjoyed watching the many episodes prior to when they began to act pretentiously and so I recommend that you watch up to about episode 10 or so (can't really remeber just use ur instincts). If you really like those corny type of stories then go for it but seriously I breezed through the last episode because I literally could not watch anymore.

Thanks for reading this review, comment your opinion if you feel so inclined and byebye

5.5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
3/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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