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Story [6/10]

Darker than Black creates an interesting world set in the future, where certain people gained superpowers at the cost of some kind of payment named contractors. Along with the emergence of dolls and mediums, heaven's gate mysteriously arises in South America. In attempt to develop some themes or create some slack for mistakes, it's not really well explained what exactly the hell is going on and how exactly everything works, but it looks cool. There are many devices that continue shoving the plot along but I find myself questioning them half the time, they're never really answered and it becomes a real fail of the plot. The plot seems to be going somewhere so clever that trying to predict it would be insanely impossible! I'm going to spoil a bit and say that in my opinion, the best endings for me are ones that aren't predictable, because I predict easily and when I predict I get bored (i'm sure some people predict but overlook it), in this way Darker than Black tricked me by creating a story line that was unpredictable!! it went like this

--------------  -------  ----------                                 -         -    ------------------ END


Maths is logical and nice, but it's always predictable i.e 1+1 = ?, even stupid people have a good chance at guessing it... but Darker than Black says "NO, wrong fool... " and then tells me

"1+1=3", sure it's a surprize ending and they through in a fancy explanation but geezzee at the end of the day I can't be satisified with such a thing! Many may disagree with me and that's fine... smarter people may say "ehh? no one cares idiot, what are you talking about!" Well fine, i'll just say no matter what you heard about Darker than Black, people have a tendency to do this!:

Two viewer watch movie that draws irresponsible conclusions, filled with plot holes but covers with fancy no-sense making explanations and cool characters.

Sensible Person mind = Yo... what the fuck this movie no sense



Sensible Person: .....

I'd be inclined to apply this forumula to Code Geass and School Days too, I haven't watched many anime that try to be clever like Darker than Black so I can't draw many comparisons hehe... >_>

Animation: [7/10]

Pretty colours with depth, I feel like for noob reviewers there isn't much to say about the animation... look at a few screen shots and there you go so I won't throw in my fancy terms and whatnot for this one, instead i'll just say it was very nice and it was a pleasure to watch. Anime that have bad animation make you focus on the flaws too much, its a real intense scene and i'm like "why... why do you look like such losers" but anywho. Darker than Black is slick and that's about it.

Sound: [6/10]

Not for meeee, I THINK... people should disregard my opinion on this, I realize that I am being very bias but I'm not trying to be anything else.. If you read my review then it should become decisively clear in each one what i'm looking for and what I like. Because I rated so low and i've said im bias i'll now explain my thoughts and why it's bias. First up, props to anyone who remebers the music after watching the anime well, I looked the majority of it up, however I will say I never listened to the OP or ED, both annoyed me except the 2nd ED which I listned to twice then it got annoying. OST for Darker than Black is like a boring annoying version of Cowboy Beebop's OST, very forgettable but I don't like the large majority of the types of music that Darker than Black's OST consisted of, but meh.. I watched Soul Eater afterwards which had the best OST i ever heard so that is troublesome too!! Voice Acting was top notch, very good.. the animation and voice acting helped to make characters likeable and draw us into their world, however music which should serve to increase the dramatic effect of action scenes or make sad scenes more sad etcetc. While Darker than Black wasn't terrible.. I think it was lacking a bit here in some areas, generally it was okay but OP, ED, main OST to increase emotional response all failed.

Characters: [5/10]

Uhhh, our loveable three-letter-name-trio, Mao, Yin and Hei cool characters as they were, had no depth at all... very simple and although I liked them I can't rate them highly. All the other characters had even less depth, arguably the most simple characters in any anime i've seen in the past year at least.

Overall: [7/10]

So what am I trying to say? Stupid plot, badly designed characters with terribly boring music but looks pretty... really nothing commendable at all seriously..
then you say

"So you're saying I shouldn't watch it?"

NOPE, haha, it's fucked up but I really enjoyed this anime but as a reviewer and an analytical viewer I have to say that this anime is honestly terrible.. Clearly the anime bypassed both of those shields that save me from bad anime and made me enjoy it, it's rated very highly so who cares... It's flashy and respectable.

It's like, see if you can understand my rationale... If I listen to a song or a movie that is so stupid and annoying, then aims to be stupid and annoying but treats me as though I should enjoy it anyway, I get pissed off. I see Britney Spears dancing around, acting like a fool and I say "YO NOOB, I GOT NO RESPECT FOR YOUR KIND", and then I see some dumb movie trying to be smart and I go "FUCK U NO RESPECT TOWARDS ME, TREAT ME AS THOUGH I WOULD LIKE SUCH A TERRIBLE MOVIE!!"

Then one day you listen to some terrible song, bad lyrics with some cliche semi-naked girls dancing around like noobs on the MV, etcetc. Then you're like, wow pretty good song.. BUT at the same time you acknowledge that the song is a douche bag fluke type thing, Darker than Black for me was like that, it's rare for me to look past flaws and just appreciate whats good about the anime/movie/music but it happened here, so *cheer*.

Sorry for slack review and bad grammar as well... It's not as though this review is needed though, there are lots and lots so it doesn't matter to me, hope you enjoyed reading.. <3

6/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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