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Soul Eater

May 29, 2011

Story [5/10]

Soul Eater creates an interesting world that blends reality with fantasy in many ways. Humans can either transform into weapons or wield weapons, they are trained at Shibusen which is a city founded by a Shinigami. Shibusen wants to stop a Death God from arising but they have to fight against many Witches who want to use the Death God's power to crush Shibusen. We follow the story of seven kids who desperately fight against the witches and stop the Death God. It's a pretty fun plot line but it undermines itself by trying to be too deep and trips over itself in a way. The hatreds that run deep in the anime are based on grudges that we never really hear about, it's essentially good versuses evil. However despite that the other most significant theme that drives the plot is that it's impossible to identify what is really evil and what is really right.


The anime constantly juggles comedic relief characters with characters that are always taken very seriously, i'm not sure if I should forgive the faults of the anime or critique them. I liked the story line before they tried to start implementing the philosophical crap because the plot line really didn't have the logic to support it. It's hard to say without spoiling but the plot becomes insanely predictable once the first arc ends and that's not all, most of the "dramatic" moments for me at least, were ruined by predictability and the contradiction in ethics. The story line becomes blatantly obvious because of the character design which i'll talk about later and for me this meant that it was easier to be apathetic than try and trick myself that it would happen differently from how I expected it to. It doesn't take much intelligence to realize every plot point that will occur in the second arc.


Animation [8/10]

I really liked the animation, not too much to say about it though. It was very simple but at the same time it was very effective in the scenes that it needed to shine. In the moments that it just needed to do it's job, it did. It wasn't breath taking but for this anime it worked beautifully.


Sound [9.5/10]

I've never seen a better use of OST in an anime. Most anime I completely forget what the soundtrack was straight after watching the anime and if i'm going to review it I go look it up on youtube and try to remeber. However for Soul Eater this won't be a problem because it became so powerful and unforgettable. I loved the effort in the opening and ending because it's always boring to see the same one used all the time, i'm sure most people will just skip them and I mostly did too but still.


Characters [6/10]

Okay it's time for my character rant, i'm going to give this anime 6/10 because many of the characters were quite loveable and caring for them became the drama rather than the plot. It's hard not to cheer for your favourite character out of the shibusen kids but they're not the only likeable characters. This anime is littered with them and whilst many lack creativity they're still enjoyable to watch. Now i'm going to to talk about the most problematic issue for way too many anime. These characters became the story more than the plot line did, they were so revered and loved that doing anything with them out of the ordinary would seem like a betrayal. The anime was too afraid to use the characters in a way that would make the plot interesting. The plot became insanely stupid at the latter half of the anime and it basically becomes "fuck plot, kill bad guys" which is what you would expect I suppose.

The characters were all very shallow and copied from other lore. The anime was too scared to use these characters in an interesting way and just totally accepted good guys do good things and bad guys are evil and die. Where is the fun in that? What's the point of having characters betray eachother if all it takes is some convienient outcome to save the day? To be honest I don't take this review too seriously i'm just venting a bit of my frustration. This anime could have been really good but it failed in the end, watch it and make your own judgement because i'm too harsh with my opinions. You'll probably enjoy it.

Overall [7/10]

Most of my overall is in my characters, I don't know why... so i'll just say sorry for bad review and bye

5/10 story
8/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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