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School Days

Jan 11, 2011

School Days


Story [1/10]


For anyone who has ever been in love, you'll know how it feels and you'll probably understand exactly how it feels to have that feeling taken away from you. If you haven't been in love, then you'll probably be able to rationalize that this anime is one of great insight and intelligence, unfortunately however, if you fall into the same category as me, this anime will become an irritable trash drama. It has no real redeeming features, our male lead, Itou is an innocent and caring young man who has a way with women (which he doesn't realize), we see a young man torn apart by his uncontrollable lust for women once he sees the potential to do "perverted stuff". His selfishness and inane stupidity along with a few other unrealistic traits lead to a disturbing transformation inwhich he leaves havoc. More harem than psychological, a hentai-like sub-par drama which attempts too much and ends up with so little. I was under the impression that it was horrible from the moment it started, nothing was done well... but because of the promise of another higurashi no naku koro ni and a 7.5 from Sheex-sama, I blindly trudged through this failure attempting to consciously rationalize all of it's blunders in hope that I would be eventually rewarded with something better. That moment never came, this rating is perhaps a bit low but the over dramatization of situations, the unrealistic and badly-designed characters who's changes were more in according with what was needed to develop the story rather than the characters themselves and a whole lot of plot holes and face-palming worthy moments shattered any promise of a good anime. I only followed it through on a whim, and perhaps to write this review... the story line was far from enjoyable to any critical viewer and it is highly HIGHLY overrated (from bad to good i guess). Then again, I guess it was based on a hentai-game... I was under the impression that it had become something more.. the psychological element was badly put in place and while following the guidelines of the game, it severely compromised the story line and the messages within, I am not quite sure exactly what the differences were but I can guess. First thing I'll guess is that there wasn't SO much drama in the hentai and I doubt it touched on the morality of his undertakings... so why would you try to create the anime in this way? By adding together two conflicting and unmixable themes that kept undermining the other.. the anime truly betrayed itself by taking too much on and trying to change something into something it couldn't be... I can't believe other reviews gave this something above 5...


Animation [5.7/10]

It didn't grab my attention but it was well done, it clearly was designed for the anime and it strengthened some of the themes.


Sound [5/10]

Again, it was decent but it didn't catch my attention, the voice acting was pretty decent but I disliked the OST and opening/ending, which I barely even

remember despite watching the majority of the anime yesterday...


Characters [0.5/10]

This is a plot-themed drama which means that the characters, although significant are merely pawns in order for the main themes/messages to be delivered. Each character is meant to fit a stereotypical role in a certain situation and then develop some unique and interesting traits that encourage us to expect something new/different, from all the stories before that were centered around this theme, particularly if the story line doesn't do it itself. If the plot line is clever then it will give you hints or foreshadow certain events seeminglessly into the plot, which serve has no blatant message but only become significant when the twist/event in question draws near, and then a "full circle" if you like, is created. If you watch a movie/series twice and it is good, then you will be able to see these signs through hindsight and it will make more sense. School Days, as if knowing that this was beyond them, cleverly avoided this.. or not so much. From the get-go of the main plot developing, the ending was clear... but why? Because each and every character was exactly that, a pawn in a story whose role was not only clear, but consuming. Oversimplification of events was executed so poorly that while it managed to foreshadow the irrational and boring plot twist, it also revealed the next 3-4 until those 3-4 episodes included the ending... which made the anime boring. So what does this have to do with characters? Each characters actions were defined by something more than what we knew about them to begin with, there was a lot that we were never told and with a small 10 second clip prior they feel like they've justified any event or emotion and sometimes they even skip that part and do whatever the fuck they feel like. The characters surrounded by doubt and mystery turn out to be so simple because they are consumed by their roles in the plot line. I am sure that I have made little sense to most of you so let me simplify what I have to say. Society has whether we like it or not, forced us to conform to some basic morals/thought processes/emotional reactions. Every last one of the characters in School Days bypasses these without any forewarning and the only reasoning we are given is "well, ehhh, humans are evil..". The characters need to be what they are in order for the anime to make sense, nothing more... As long as you can predict the ending, you can predict character emotions, actions and outlooks which destroys any chance for realism or interesting characters. I don't think I expected much from characters of a hentai-game but these were appalling.


Overall [2.5/10]

TNK made school days for us in the same way Katsura made sandwiches for Itou, both results can only be described with one expression:


I'm sure i'll end up saying this a lot when I write reviews but if you are inexperienced, non-analytical and metaphorically blind then you will enjoy this anime, i'm sure you're if you're one of those people reading this, thinking how I don't understand the true genius of this anime then you are free to do so, I am glad someone enjoyed it because I sure as the sky is blue did not. In an attempt to be empathetic to those viewers I'll say that at least this anime has a message they wanted to deliver and they did, somewhat, I suppose. Many anime fail to do that, and they are lower than this one... it's a decent anime for killing time but nothing more, if you watch it with no expectations and no high-standards then perhaps you'll enjoy it.. I again, as you may have guessed did not fall into that category, but I hope after reading my critique, at least when it comes to School Days, you won't.


I'll edit later, thank you for reading.


Second note, I am very sad that last picture failed, i'll look for one later... there are many errors etc but please forgive them, if you're reading this message then I spent like 7-8 min writing this so please be understanding =).. hope u enjoy it anywyay, i'll fix soon...

-image needs fix (

-need to edit

-need to spell/grammar check


1/10 story
5.7/10 animation
5/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
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BurntFlower Jul 17, 2011

Excellent review!