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Story [6/10]

In the world of Claymore isolated medieval villages are terrorized by the demon-like predators named Yoma, they have the power to transform into the humans they devour, making them impossible to deal with for the humans. However women in white shining armor that have been dubbed as "Claymores" by the villagers are the only hope for the people against the Yoma. Despite this, the reason they are able to beat the Yoma is because they are half-yoma themselves and so they are feared and hated by the villagers. This kind of premise certainly reminds me of Bladerunner and Naruto as the mysterious organization that created and controls the Claymore, see the Claymore as little more than mindless pawns for humans, despite their power and strength.


The isolated lifestyle of Claymores who should have been seen as heroes, to carry such a burden in order to save people who hate you is examined through this anime that differs it from that cliche premise of the hated hero who either doesn't care about what others think or the cursed hero that does not follow his path by choice. The nature of humans is painted in both a positive and negative way and is set up to be explored in the anime seeminglessly. Clare is fixated on revenge against a Claymore that became a Yoma, Priscilla but the price for revenge comes high as the Claymore's must surrender some of their sanity in order to gain the power necessary to achieve it, to the point where they must gamble their human counter-parts.


Animation [8.5/10]

The animation in Claymore is really quite amazing, it draws you into the world as the environment and the towns are vibrant and beautiful. The Claymore's are not drawn with much complexity but their eyes become emotional and powerful and they define and bring significance to the animation of the Claymore. It's really something special to see and watching it is a treat.

Sound [8/10]


The opening and ending are rather unique but they fit well into the concept of the anime and you begin to enjoy it in time. The music is quite amazing at sometimes and it will again further to draw you into the world of Claymore but at times the music doesn't seem to fit into the "medieval setting". The voice acting is above average and it helps to develop the characters in many ways but in some of the scenes it surely could have been better, still satisfactory.


Characters [5.8/10]

The characters are rather simple in many of the situations, it becomes more about the idea of the sisterhood of the Claymore and the mentality behind their situation and loneliness, forcing them to depend on each other and especially within difficult situations friendships are formed as well as an inherent trust and loyalty that they must have on each other to survive both physically and mentally. As the storytellers change hands from the manga writers to the anime producers, the characters begin to betray themselves in terms of who and what they are. The only character that really stood out to me was Teresa, when watching this to begin with I thought it might be trouble to substitute our general heroic males into females after so many anime from the same genre in which they were useless bystanders. However Teresa somewhat surpasses them and creates a fearsome hero that you begin to love and admire shortly after being introduced to her. I'm sure that in the manga the characters are far more interesting and thoughtful because the first half of the anime gives off the vibe that these characters will have something interesting to say about the themes they represent but they fail the more analytical viewers in this respect. The anime has a time limit and their rush to end the series took a lot a way from the entire anime.

Overall [6.7/10]

Unfortunately the true tragedy behind this anime is that the animation and sound quality were so high that you truly kept wishing for a great outcome to this anime but you were given far less than it. I could see and follow how they were going to set this out with each of their respective themes/morals behind the characters and the storyline. I'm sure it will/was delivered in the manga but it falls short in the anime. Somewhere along the line this anime stopped resembling the theme-based adventure/drama like Naruto and lowered itself to Bleach level aka a fighter anime without intellect. If you are someone who can overlook these type of flaws and be happy with the amazing world that Claymore allows us to explore then you will enjoy this anime. But if you are someone like me who was somewhat annoyed in the flaws in Code Geass then Claymore will probably have you tearing your hair out by the end. Despite that, I don't regret watching it. Watching Claymore is like eating a really thick mud cake, you are enjoying it thoroughly while eating it but the aftertaste becomes a bit too much to handle ;).



6/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
5.8/10 characters
6.7/10 overall
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