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Story: [6/10]

The synopsis is a good one except that it doesn't indicate the high level of drama that is involved in the anime. While the premise can be quite funny for the first few episodes, the drama that develops between the two leads is very gooey and whether it should be considered seriously or not is open to intepretation. While I would understand what someone might mean when they say the anime provoked a strong emotional reacton and they were rather touched by it, I think the anime came close to being relatable, it came close to being a good drama but it fell short and just annoyed me. The reason behind this is because the characters were just too shallow for me to care about them and their problems might have been signiicant if the characters were given a bit more depth. Every character had relatively shallow desires, motivations and feelings and I dont feel like a strong message was delivered about anything.

Perhaps the messages delivered didn't resonate with me like they would others because of how extreme the example is (Rikka sacrificing her hope and joy for the sake of pleasing others) and more relevant examples might have had more impact, although rather than making a statement about something it may have been thought-provoking, I felt like this issue produced the few good scenes this anime had in it but it was not enough to redeem it as a whole.

Chuunibyou is a strange coming of age/group of friends story that could potentially be compared to the likes of Steins Gate, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and im sure a lot of others that fit into this genre. However I think the best comparison is Steins;Gate, which I also did a review on and I disliked both anime for the same reason, yet I finished both anime for the same reason. There's some comedy but only for the first few episodes and then it drifts off into a drama that never really seems to wake up from being a comedy. I understand the concept of Romantic Comedies but I don't understand the concept of Comedic Dramas, I feel the two genres undermine each other all the time. How are you supposed to take such clowny characters seriously enough to care about their problems? How can you use the same topics which made you laugh and then treat them as grave issues that the character must overcome? I couldn't and that's why I didn't really appreciate either anime as any real genre, it was just something I watched and took pretty much nothing away from. I did finish both animes because I felt like if they had strong and meaningful confrontations between characters (or reconciliations too) then it would be worthwhile and although Chuunibyou has much more meaningful confrontations and reconciliations than steins:gate, it didn't suffice imo.

Animation: [5.5/10]

I almost never give bad ratings for animation but Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! actually had really annoying animation, I felt like it undermined the drama and didn't in anyway augment the comedy. It becomes more difficult to empathize with, relate to or take seriously these stupidly big eye'd, cute characters. It doesn't mean ur characters can't look cool, or they can't be attractive but there's a fine line between being a character and a doll, and dolls don't have feelings or problems and it conflicts with my feelings about taking the character and his/her problems seriously.

Sound: [5/10]

The soundtrack never becomes more than background music, its almost always annoying when they are trying to be dramatic and it never augments the comedy. The seiryuu weren't good either, surprisingly emotionless considered japanese voice acting is usually at least pretty good. I don't feel that this is because the cast was untalented but all the same.

Characters: [6/10]

The main character Yuuta ia literally the most shallow and uninspiring lead I've had the displeasure of knowing, even awful animes like school days at least had leads that would make acceptable secondary characters but Yuuta rarely says anything meanginful and the few times he does he immediately regrets it. Rikka the female lead isnt much better despite having a rich background story, she has no virtuous traits and she didnt interest me as a character at all. However the secondary characters for Chuunibyou were all quite good I thought, they had good voice actors compared to the leads, they were more interesting and they had more substance than the leads somehow... I especially found Dakemori, Rikka's magical middle school servant to be both hilarious and interesting in both her comedic and drama scenes.

Overall: [5.5/10]

This concludes the most boring review I've ever written, if you don't feel like cute big eye'd characters undermines the respectability of a drama and you are a fan of the half-assed comedy and uninspiring drama genre then everything else about this anime is at least decent. I would have liked to see a lot more comedy and a lot less drama, and if Yuuta and Rikka had a A LOT more depth as characters and the story was a bit more relatable then this could have worked. However even though I actually suffered something similar in eight grade I still couldn't bring myself to care about anything except the comedy of which there wasn't enough or of good enough quality.

EDIT: After thinking about it, Chuunibyou does have a lot of messages, they just failed to resonate with me because I didn't appreciate their vessels

6/10 story
5.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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StevenSAKUJO Mar 14, 2014

".... if you don't feel like cute big eye'd characters undermines the respectability of a drama and you are a fan of the half-assed comedy and uninspiring drama genre then everything else about this anime is at least decent. "

I uusally try to be objective, but when im not trying i make it fairly obvious and try to let people know that what I'm saying is an opinion not a fact. 

fresh123456 Feb 11, 2014

I kind of disagree with this review, or maybe I should just mention that most of your reviews that I've seen were mostly negative, so people who read this should take this with the perspective of a demanding review. Maybe it wasn't to your taste, but in any case if you review it you must write as objectively as you can. I actually thought this anime was cute, and no I don't have this syndrome.