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Hana-Saku Iroha

Jul 9, 2013

Story: [5/10]

The storyline? I was more interested in the filler episodes... Character development only happens after the credits, Predicting the plot isn't even fun because it's too easy. I am being genuinely serious when I say that I was more interested in the filler episodes, it's extremely hard to take a romance seriously when the only thing you know about a guy is that he confessed to the lead. It's extremely hard to care about Ohana's relationship with her mother when all you know about her is that she's selfish. This trend is similar with a lot of characters, there have been reviews where I have complained that unlikeable characters result in inconsequential dramas and thus make the anime boring but there was no attempt to give any reason as to why anyone should care about any of the possible outcomes of her "dramas" with other characters. 

No significant problems, no significant character changes and like I said, only filler content was okay.

Animation: [8/10]

I mean they produced some very kawaii anime girls which was crucial for me as none of them deserved to be liked on personality alone. 

Sound: [7.5/10]

Didn't care much for the 1st OP/ED or the OST but the 2nd OP/ED I liked a lot, especially the ED. To be fair, nothing really big really happened and so mostly the music was just background type stuff and so you can't blame the people involved but there was nothing really that stood out for me other than one song on the credits of episode 25 which was really nice and well-placed but that's it. Seiyuu were nothing special, does dialogue count as sound cause it was awful.. The first few episodes Ohana started dishing out some poetic language and I was like wow what an interesting character but that disappeared in a hurry and then she just says peoples names all the time.. like "KO" "KO "KO" KO-CHAN" and "MINCHHI" "MIIINCHHIII" sometimes her eyes sparkle a little when she says their names too, I think it's exciting for her. 

Characters [2/10]

I liked Nakochi (the shy girl) and no one else, and I didn't even like her that much. She is the only one who has a slightly intriguing problem to which a few episodes are dedicated to but at the end of the day, it is just a shy girl trying to be something different. Most characters strictly existed for plot purposes and can only maintain my interest for about an episode, unforuantly many characters with major relevanerace were really just pushing along the plot (to which their part doesn't even deserve to be called anything but a side arc) which leaves me with no plot at all really. Although the plot doesn't have much drama, the characters ruin the scraps thrown to us through stubborn lack of development in both their own habbits and of what we know about them.

Overall: [5.3/10]

If the quality of production was worse I'd not have finished it, Clearly this is a terrible review and im just expressing how I felt after watching it, on a more serious note I wouldnt recommend this to anyone looking for more than a very melo slice of life and I would also strongly suggest that this anime is for women, dudes like me probably wont enjoy it.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
2/10 characters
5.3/10 overall
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