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Cross Game

Jul 5, 2013

Story [5/10]

Cross Game is a fairly slow paced, light-hearted sports anime that focuses a lot more on the characters and their relationships rather than the actual base ball itself. A lot of the episodes are pretty much fillers and not many real challenges arise for the protagonist Ko. Unlike a lot of character-obsessed animes we don't get many story arcs at all (arguably none) and few relationships recieve any development despite the anime being fairly lengthy. It's hard to explain how effectively every episode wastes its time but the best way to explain apart from how much attention minor characters recieve is that many scenes are constructed to get across one idea such as: Ko is a good athlete or Ko is a nice person and these scenes can be from 5-15 mins and they happen all the time. Not only that but we need at least 5 5-15 min scenes to convey the same one idea. This idea isn't interesting or complex, it can only really appeal to you if you see something in the scenes besides it teaching us something about one of the characters. For a while I managed to think like this but eventually I got tired of it and skipped a few episodes. 

The storyline wouldn't be bad if it were a 13 episode anime or something but you can make ur own judgements about whether need constant plot/character development or whether you like slow paced animes.

Animation: [5/10]

Ko had enormous ears, Aoba was so kawaii and some characters had extremely questionable appearences and so I have mixed feelings overall. The quality compared to other modern anime is horrible though, even by older anime standards it's pretty bad. I didn't really care because animation doesn't bother me that much but you might want to consider that.

Sound: [4/10]

I didn't like OP/ED, OST was rarely memorable and same goes for voice acting.

Characters: [5.5/10]

Extremely one dimensional for the most part, I liked Aoba because i'm a sucker for tsunderes but honestly very simplistic characters with very little to offer. 

Overall: [7/10]

Despite how badly I've rated all of these sections (and they should probably be rated worse) this anime had a real charm to it for me. It was corny, predictable and repetitive but somehow it kept me interested for the most part. I think If I had watched this anime expecting something good then I would have hated it but I just wanted to watch a decent anime and I felt at the end of the day that's what I got. Sorry that I don't have much to say about the anime but there really isn't that much to say about it and I'm tired.

5/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
7/10 overall

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