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May 4, 2013

Story: [9/10]

Tired of animes starting off well and then going to shit? Tired of fan service and horrible endings? Psycho-Pass is one of those few animes that delivers from start to finish, I feel overral it was very satisfying for me after having so many disapointments lately when it comes to expecting something really good and then having it go bad.

The story takes place in a futuristic world where law enforcement has mainly been replaced by drones and a super computer named "sibyl" which governs society. Sibyl controls society by using mind-assessing technology to evaluate a human's psyche, those who fail to get good scores are either deemed criminals and arrested or are forced into bad jobs/unemployment. The MWSPB detective agencies deals with crimes that are not being solved by the system, our protagonist Akane Tsunemori was judged very favourably by Sibyl and chose to become a detective. Despite her high scores, Akane's abilities as a detective are questioned from the get-go, now she must track down the criminal mastermind Makishima. Faced with horrifying challenges and sadistic scenes every day, will Akane flourish as Sibyl predicted or will she end up in a mad house? 

Since there isn't a synposis that's my overview of the story, overall I felt like the story was fast-paced and never got boring. While it is mainly a detective story, the morality of the Sibyl  system is often brought into question and philosophy plays a major part in the anime. 

Animation: [9/10]

While pretty much every character in the anime maintains eye-candy status, they don't tip-toe into a region of unbelievability. This is a question that can be asked about most anime, how much believability can be sacrificed for looks before you start to think it's stupid? I feel psycho-pass delicately handled that problem and beyond that the animation is a bit better than what I tend to expect out of modern animes and I can't see anyone being disappointed with it. 

Sound: [9.3/10]

I loved the OP/EDs and I loved the OST. Voice acting was also superb and i'm overall very impressed with this section. When it comes to OST it tends to either be one consisting of few songs but of high quality and constantly replayed or many songs that don't really stand out but are always new. Psycho-pass is the former and while I probably prefer this style, it would need one or two more good tracks to replace some of the ones that were used often for me to give it a perfect score.

Characters: [9/10]

A lot of attention is paid to character development in this anime and we learn a lot about everyone, even those who aren't that significant in the plot. I liked how neatly and efficiently we learned about each character, it was never repetitive and it never took too long for us to learn a lot about a certain character. I really dislike it when character development never really goes anywhere and characters just keep complaining and not changing. While not every character undergoes any significant change, no one is neglected and you'll feel like part of the family once you've finished the anime. 

Psycho-pass is not episodic and deals with primarily one villian throughout the series named Makishima, he is also an interesting and thoroughly explored character and while he is violent and cruel - I am sure many people will like him due to either his philosophies and motivations or his charisma and presentation. 

Overall: [9/10]

Psycho-pass is an unforgettable anime with interesting concepts and characters, it's well done and it doesn't drop in quality from start to finish. It is extremely violent only second to perhaps Another or Shiki and includes people exploding and brutual killing scenes. This may turn some people away but I don't feel like it was violence for it's own sake, but rather to emphasise the grim and horrifying nature of being a detective and how psychologically damaging their occupation can be. So while I thought the violence in animes like Another and Shiki was over-the-top and stupid, I enjoyed how gruesome psycho-pass could be.

This anime can inspire a lot of reactions and emotions from you, it is really worth the watch.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9.3/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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perdy May 30, 2013

Totally agree. I would like to see how sybil was setting on and how society was agree...maybe season 2 :D