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Welcome to the NHK!

Dec 31, 2012

Story [6/10]

Welcome the NHK is a slice of life based on antihero protagonist Tatsuhiro Sato, as a genre it is practically identical to many other Japanese slice of life type animes, with the otaku culture, the constant perversion of males and so on. While fundamentally NHK isn't much different from those, it deals with a lot of contemporary concepts like the otaku culture, unemployment, lonliness and Japan's infamous suicide groups. I can't say this aspect is unique either and how it views these problems aren't particuarly special. If you kind of know what I'm talking about, which most avid anime watchers would as there are so many of these same style anime, you know whether you like it or not. If you don't know then I'll explain. Prepare yourself for a lot of gasping, whenever someone says something a little out of the ordinary expect lots of close ups and gasping, also be prepared for a lot of blushing and perversion. The anime is thoroughly predictable and you will form a love/hate relationship with most characters, as they are all selfish but they have their personalities. Ur gunna laugh, ur gunna get mad sometimes and you might even get sad. It's a comedy/slice of life as well as being a drama. Most of the drama is pretty comical until towards the end though.

This kind of story line, its not bad and its not good - thats how I feel. I felt that way about Stein's Gate, FLFC, School Rumble and a lot of others, but some people really enjoy these animes. I end up finishing them while never actually being impressed or moved throughout the entire anime. So its really a matter of preference, but its not like I hate slice of life animes, don't get me wrong. However of those that few stand out, for me Welcome to the NHK is not one of them.

Animation [5/10]

It was very boring and stale, Animation quality is never really bad these days, but there is no one scene that I can remember for its animation. Perhaps that what it means to be a slice of life but in that sense I don't really understand, what can an anime bring other than the impossible? Anime is great because no matter graphics is never a problem, you can do anything without looking stupid, casting isnt a problem because ur character can look however you want him or her to look, acting isn't a problem because your characters can express themselves in anyway they want. Despite all of that, this anime uses nothing impressive at all, the guys are average looking, the girls are all cute - but anime should be more than that - even for a slice of life. In dreams, in scenery, you could do something memorable but you decided not to..

Sound [8.7]

I liked the OP and ED.

I liked the OST

I liked the voice acting.

I feel like the OST was quite strong although some songs got played pretty much every 2nd episode or more (and they last for like 4-5 mins). Sound was the strongest part of this anime for me, in a slice of life you can only do so much and I feel like it was done very satisfactorily. 

Characters [7/10]

Outside of the protagonist, the main characters were all quite insteresting, they were well brought into the story as they were slowly unraveled over time. Characters are either enigmatic or extremely obvious but then start to crawl towards their opposite end of the spectrum. That being said most characters are an exaggurated representation of a social group recognized by a few single concepts, despite that even though the story line itself was very predictable, the characters were slightly less so. Personally while watching it I didnt find them interesting but from an analytical point of view, they certaintly deserve praise. 

Overall [5.5/10]

It may just be because im sick of the same genre, hoping for something different within it but while watching I was close to stopping half-way a few times so I can't rate it that highly. However I can understand why a lot of people liked this anime, and the score doesn't reflect the whole story of my feelings. After reading this review you know what the anime is like, you can decide whether that's for you or not. I don't think this anime was done poorly at all, its just a matter of preference and expectations. So if you aren't turned off by anything I said in this review, I defininetly recommend it to you. 

6/10 story
5/10 animation
8.7/10 sound
7/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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