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In my personal opinion, "Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu" is my favourite manga of all times :) . It reflects on real life events for high school students and is highly recommended for teens. The main persona "Tsubaki" is a girl who does not know how to dress herself up to look pretty, the concept of "change" is very evident in this manga. Not knowing how to dress up herself, her time is spent on studying and therefore is one of the top students.

"Kyouta" is a very goodlooking player who is very outgoing, gutsy and always confident however he too, is one of the top students which is cliche. He supresses Tsubaki in studying as well. 

The art and graphics are very desirable for teens, and the characters are great. The story reflects on real life relationships, feelings, is romantic, has a touch of comedy and smut. I love how the story is not too childish and actually conveys how high school students feel :D

To be honest, on the first couple of pages, I though Kyouta was ugly with the long hair, but tsubaki cuts it off as they argue in the first chapter. Hope you enjoy. The characters turn more attractive as  story progresses! 

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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