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They began insolvency proceedings in Germany ok the Oakland-based companies held rates for the 1000 megawatt lights solar power project the Southern California desert which last April 18 2.1 billion dollar2.1 billion dollars a conditional loan guarantees from the US bond energy and it's unclear of Safer Colon how the bankruptcy will affect that project solar trust says its rain should have liquidity but after the Solar Millennium act more like the land should have a pretty as the global support their money I'm which holds 70 percent stakes or for protection all right very nice taxpayers who lose two billion dollars but what's another two billion dollars right you know we're you know it's all good right we're all friends you know it's all the same data $17trillion who cares our great-grandchildren being enslaved been serves while the continuous Milken village and have all the questions jobs in agency be with the music business man we talked about this I'm going to be happy to have professor Graff on arm somebody that actually made in the music business and expose the truth about it arm it doesn't matter how good you are and you see one thing for him it that over the next thing you got the guy labor lay who is like the puppy and is not into speaking the truth and that’s why he's already MTBE and all that not best great like Black Bolt you know yeah no I do know and but again having departed in and decided that you know .

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