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Hello everyone, im just a guy who likes anime and manga, Some of my favorite anime are, Speed grapher, The Ronin Warriors, Afro Samurai, FLCL and Shuffle as well as those in my top five. I watch a lot of anime, So I'm always looking for new ones to watch. I do like things with a bit more romance to them I'm not sure why though. So I'm here simply to find some new people to discuss anime and manga with. I'm always finishing something so I always need new recommendations.

Single at the moment, To be honest I've really given up on love.


Race: I'm a human being

Love can't be trusted, It's just another weakness.

I'm actually not funny, I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking.

Yeah, I may look calm,But In my head I've already puched you In the face five times.

 I have nothing to give, so I can at least not be a burden to others.

The greatest things In life, Are the ones that are just wrong enough to feel right.

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wonkuenoemos says...

Hi there.. hajimemashite^^

I wanna ask. If I'm not mistaken, you've already watched 'the last Naruto the Movie' in your history.

Mmm.. Where do you watch it? Is it the premier in Japan or watch it online? If you don't mind, could you share the info about it to me? onegai..

I really really really wanna watch it emmediately. :|

arigatou. :D

ps: I'm sorry if I'm such a bother to you.

Jan 30, 2015
Wickerman says...


Was looking for some random person who has seen Turn A Gundam to get their view on it before watching it myself. (50 episodes can be time consuming)  Anny words on your behalf about the show?

P.S.  Is it true how the black queen dances the funeral march to summon back the fire which from where you come from?

Jun 24, 2014
funtoo2 says...

Thanks! I like your top 5 also!! Nice to meet you too! <3

Apr 9, 2011
chii says...


Feb 25, 2011