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Mar 18, 2010

Monster is a very well executed anime, full of suspense and action, even though the action is kinda slow-paced itself.

The story is one of the best elements concerning Monster. Dr. Tenma was an amazing brain surgeon, but in just one moment his life turned upside down, from a genius doctor to a fugitive-avenger. With two opposite ideals clashing, that of love and equality against the one of a "perfect world" and life only for those who want to live, it shows how humans can become anything, even monsters with no emotion, as well as the power of love and friendship.

The animation is very good, and that's what most people say, but to me it seemed a bit too dim or, perhaps, too simple? I just wasn't really excited over the animation...

The sound was also very good, it totally fits together with the series, but it's a bit too simple and somehow monotonous!

Finally, the characters are superb, you just get stuck with them. Some of them you get to like and cheer for, and others make you hate them! But each character is special in his own way! They seem as true and existing as it gets!

In general, Monster is a pretty repetitive series that can even get a bit boring and slow-paced, but gradually you'll notice you can't get off your seat! It's a true suspense anime, which I definetely recommend to those who like mystery and humans with fearsome potential and abilities (those who can hardly be called humans)! And as you get closer to the end, you'll discover the quality of this extraordinary story, that of a human whom us, his fellow people, changed into a monster!

8/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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KelsieKatt Jan 3, 2011

@naejin: I think you're looking at this from the wrong angle. School grades and entertainment are not the same thing.In school the entire purpose is to learn, and if you only understand 70% of the material, that's not particularly consistent and you should be doing better.Where as entertainment is judged based on whether it's interesting/fun/etc, and if something is 70% enjoyable, that means the overall majority of it was good, with some lacking spots here and there. That's not a bad score by any means.

StardustAngel May 27, 2010

Maybe you're right about Monster, and I know it's unique! But the problem is probably that among the few anime I've watched are some of the best, and it just doesn't seem right to rate Monster as high. But perhaps I'll change my attitude towards it after some more experience!

naejin May 26, 2010

Your comments seemed to be worth more than a C grade of 7.5.  After you've watched a lot more anime, I think you will find that Monster is rather unique as compared to most other anime.

Rince Mar 18, 2010

I agree, but the animation seems to be made like that on purpose not everyone got dragonball hair :/ eh, and the sound, well the voice actors did a great job and the opening and ending themes are really creepy and are helping to set the mood!

about the pace its not that slow, a lot is happening but there are some episodes where tenma is not in at all where other minor characters take over and some episodes could have been broken down to one episode.

but in the end  Totally worth watching!