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"I'm a simple man.

*lifts something into truck*

I work hard. I play hard. And when it comes to anime...

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I prefer subs to dubs."

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Raux Jan 25, 2012

Haha! that's absolutely amazing!!!

Raux Jan 25, 2012

Oh my, i know right? after i watched it, i got out my pokemon silver, but it had broken and all my memory was erased. that was 10 years of progress! i have a level 100 arcanine, and a level 100 ninetails!!! i was so freaking proud of those! and now...gone, all gone.

Raux Jan 25, 2012

Dude, i wasn't going to say much, but clannad is in Anohana's shadow when it comes to emotional punches in the face.... well, i don't know they are actually pretty even, but different. Amazingly different. But it's so good. and it teaches such a good lesson about life!

Raux Jan 24, 2012

Thank you, Haha, if you want to meet someone else who has come great taste check out my buddy's page. He goes by RedCrossRobbery here and is actually one of my closest friends. He has great outlook on anime. He writes reviews like a friggen madman. And all that I've read are pretty amazing.


Yeah, it bugged me when taiga left. so i really tried to dig deep into her character and see why she did it. and that's what came to my mind. She was actually being a very sensible adult.

You're right. Clannad, now that i've seen a lot more anime, has a lot of faults. most specifically, it's pacing, the soundtrack does get repetitive, the characters could have actually used some work. But i think the reason it's on such a high level was Nagisa's death. When i first saw that, i was crippling with sobs. The director of that show had made me love nagisa so much that when she died, i felt like my own wife had died, even though I'm single and probably will be for a while yet. It was absolutely terrible. I had to stop myself from thinking about it at work, or tears would come out of my face. It was insane. Because it was the first Anime to affect me that emotionally, it became my first favorite. So it has a very, very special place in my heart. I saved 120.00, just to buy it on DVD. I love clannad. But Toradora. That show was great. Overall, i would say that it was much more balanced. The characters were a little deeper. Usually your upbeat character is just happy and shallow. That wasn't the case with MInori. You usually never like bitches like Ami, but this one. you do, you learn who she is. and you actually feel way sad about the unrequited love she has with Ryuuji. And the star of a harem anime is usually always....faceless. The creators want someone relatable to the viewer, so they make the MC bland as possible, so as to make as many male viewers simpathise and connect with him. They usually think that when you have something specific (like scary eyes for example, and excessive cleaning habits) it will detract male viewers, because they won't fall in love with the female stereotypes. This anime deleted all those stereotypes and proved that it can work. Not all viewers need to be male, and not all MC's need to be bland. I really loved what this show represented. It did this frowned-upon genre proud.

Raux Jan 24, 2012

oh i totally know what you mean! holy crap i know i sound like a girl when i say this but. YES. i lost it as soon as they started disapearing. and by the end....he's just alone. oh man! so sad. but so damn good!


yeah i was home sick from work yesterday (and today) and watched the entire show in one day. i like to watch my anime in long bursts. I COMPLETELY AGREE ABOUT THE KISSING SCENE. haha, "it's exactly what i thought it would be... a dry wasteland......one more" oh man! what i loved about it was, usually the girl you like the most is the one the MC gets in a harem, or romance story-line. but by the end. i liked every freaking option that ryuuji could have chosen. i think i might have like taiga a little more, because you learn more about her life than the other girls. but it's a lot like real life in that way. yes, every one of those girls was awesome, and it probably could have worked out with them. but in the end, you have to choose the person that is most right for you. Although i wasn't a huge fan of taiga leaving near the end. I ended up liking it and respecting taiga for making that decision. Ryuuji might not have realized it, but he's the one who gaive taiga the push to fix her relationship with her mom by saying "we'll get married once we have the blessings from both our families" It was a tough decision, and it took another year. but they did it. and it ended phenomonally. It's definitely in the top 10. and very close to making it in the pedestal.